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Lubbock lawmaker says he wants to make city a "sanctuary for life"

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Lubbock State Sen. Charles Perry speaks at Liberty Luncheon, hosted by Lubbock Area Republican Women, on Aug. 20, 2020. Lubbock State Sen. Charles Perry speaks at Liberty Luncheon, hosted by Lubbock Area Republican Women, on Aug. 20, 2020.
LUBBOCK, Texas -

Lubbock State Senator Charles Perry is petitioning to block Planned Parenthood from reopening in Lubbock.

Earlier this month, Planned Parenthood announced plans to open a new health center in Lubbock later this year. It closed the doors to its previous location back in 2013.

Sen. Perry said his office started the petition the last time Planned Parenthood was rumored to reopen a couple years ago. Now that it is confirmed, the petition has been "reinitiated."

"To date, I think we're going to be over 4 to 5,000 names on that petition, we still have a community that supports life. In Senate District 28, I'm pretty confident that that's a super majority that still supports life," Perry said.

In addition, he said he is proposing ordinances to the City Council to make Lubbock a "sanctuary for life."

"Our hopes are is that we have a council that reflects this community's values, that reflects this issue in a positive way...and that they will put that on the agenda and actually pass that," Perry said. "It is an ordinance that based on legal interpretation is effective. It probably will be challenged."

Sen. Perry acknowledges the Supreme Court's decision on Roe v. Wade is the law of the land, but he said the law is always up for challenge, and everyone has the right to defend their values.

"It is a law that has been held to be constitutional, but it's not in the Constitution," he said. "So, this is no different in that the policy is always up for debate. When we stop challenging those laws that we feel are not reflective of a civil society or a value system you hold to, then we've lost our democracy or our republic."

In response, Planned Parenthood provided this statement to FOX34:


"We're familiar with politicians' personal views about whether healthcare services should be available for Texans in their community. 

Planned Parenthood has a 80+ year commitment to serving as a resource for affordable, expert healthcare in Texas, regardless of their insurance or documentation status, income level, where they live or who they love. We are proud to be a trusted source of breast and cervical cancer screenings, cervical cancer prevention services, HIV tests, testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, a full range birth control (including IUDs and implants), PrEP and PEP medication to prevent HIV transmission, treatment for urinary tract and vaginal infections, annual well checks, medication and surgical abortion, and other healthcare services. We look forward to being an additional resource for healthcare services in Lubbock as we finalize plans to open a health center later this year."

Perry said the petition is really nothing more than to show there is support. He said they plan to deliver the proposed ordinances to the city by Monday. For this to be considered, at least two city council members must want to produce this for discussion.

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