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2 years later, some Reagor-Dykes customers still waiting on answers

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Chris Childers stands in front of the loaner car from Reagor-Dykes Chris Childers stands in front of the loaner car from Reagor-Dykes
LUBBOCK, Texas -

It has now been 2 years since Reagor-Dykes first filed for bankruptcy, and  last month, a federal judge approved liquidation plans to get its creditors paid off. 

But nearly 100 customers still do not have their proper titles or money that they are owed by the former auto group. 

"They kept reassuring us, that they were going to get this taken care of. They were going to take care of us, they were going to make everything alright. And just one thing after another, and here we are 2 years later and still nothing," customer Chris Childers said.

It all began for Childers when he traded in his car, back in 2018. 

"I was trying to find another vehicle pretty quick, because my family was expanding about to have another kid," he explained.

However, it was not long before things turned sour.  Negotiations for his car payment contract got caught up in the fray as the bankruptcy case began to unfold.  Childers was denied the car he traded in and his $2500 deposit. 

The company, offering a variety of loaner cars in the meantime, until communication stopped. 

"I'm just kind of at a loss for what to know where to go and where to turn to deal with the situation," he said.

His family is constantly reminded each day of the frustration the silence has caused, by the loner car that now sits in their driveway. It has been there for more than a year, because he cannot get new tags.

"We're a working class family, we're kind of just, paycheck to paycheck type people, making ends meet. That stuck us between a rock and a hard place for awhile," he said.

Lawyer Fernando Bustos says it has taken so long, because of the estate's failed plans to re-organize in court. 

"They just couldn't pull it off. And so it just collapsed under its own weight," he explained.

Bustos believes there is money for those customers that are waiting. But they will have to get in line. 

"Those are unsecured claims and so they are at the back of the bus, waiting for all these other claims to resolve before they get a pay out," Bustos said.

It could be up to two years, before customers could get what they are owed.

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