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Café J offers "bartender spotlight" opportunity for those impacted by COVID-19 closures

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

With a few open spots on staff, the Art Bar at J's is offering part-time work to servers and bartenders impacted by COVID-19 closures. 

"A lot of people think it's too good to be true, but we are truly just trying to give people an opportunity to meet up with their regulars and have a time and place," manager Taylor Ellis said. "As long as your TABC certified, there is absolutely no other requirement, you can show up and pick up some shifts."

Although it's temporary, Ellis hopes the hours and tips help.

"We try to schedule on days that would be beneficial to you," she said. "So Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays we have spots available for anyone."

Having gone through the first shutdown, Ellis said she understands the uncertainty people in her industry are feeling.

"We know that we're shutdown because of people's safety, but then you also have this feeling of insecurity because you don't know what's going to happen day to day," she explained. "You don't know if you can pay your bills or if everything is going to be okay."

Having no answers about a reopening plan, Ellis added, also heightens these fears.

"Are we going to get another stimulus package or are we just sitting at home, twiddling our thumbs, waiting for our governor to decide what we're going to do going forward," Ellis questioned.

The bars became a hotspot for COVID-19 exposures. However, Congressman Jodey Arrington said there should be a trust in those businesses and citizens to take personal precautions. 

"If we provide the information to our fellow citizens, where there are outbreaks and rashes of cases, and they notice that they're happening in this particular segment of our economy or community, they will take extra precaution," Rep. Arrington said.

During the city's weekly news conference, Mayor Dan Pope acknowledged the businesses that have been impacted and said he supports finding a way to reopen.

"I also would like to find a way to safely, partially reopen bars," Pope said. "I know there's some efforts along that line, I think the TABC has been responsive to some creative thinking."

In order to save the suffering economy, Rep. Arrington said actions need to be taken. 

"To tell somebody that they can't put food on the table for their families and to take away their livelihoods and their dreams, without compensating for them or compensating them for that taking, I think that's unacceptable," Rep. Arrington said. 

You can apply to get into Café J "spotlight" rotation through its Facebook page. 

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