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Covenant Health doctors address COVID-19 misconceptions

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

With COVID-19 being a new virus, there are several theories and misconceptions surrounding it.

Covenant Health hosted a press conference to share what the doctors know to be true about the virus, and what they are still learning. 

"People are dying from this, this is not a hoax," Chief Medical Officer at Covenant Health, Dr. Craig Rhyne said. "This is not a political problem, it is not a red state, blue state issue, this is a pandemic."

COVID-19 cases are still spiking in Lubbock, however, Covenant Health Pathologist, Dr. Jason Loos said the surge was in-part expected.

"The positivity rate is not related to the increase in numbers of tests we're doing," Dr. Loos said. "It's more related to the increased socialization and coming back together."

The accuracy of those numbers is something that has been questioned.

"All the numbers that you are getting are getting pulled from our actual positive cases," Dr. Loos explained. "So in terms of that, I would not think they are inflated."

However, Loos said there is a possibility that a person who tests positive is tested more than once, which can stem from the accuracy, or lack there of, of the test.

"About this test, it has about a 60 to 70 percent clinical sensitivity, so you definitely can get a false negative result with this," Dr. Loos said. "There's obviously some issues with that, but if you get a positive result they are highly specific, so a positive result means it's positive."

If you are asymptomatic and have no possible exposures, doctors don't recommend getting tested, as test kits are still in high demand.

But social distancing and wearing a mask is a must.

"Social distancing works," Dr. Rhyne said. "That six foot distance is not some made up number, that is a number based on the science of the transmission of oral bacteria products."

Dr. Rhyne said there are still a lot of questions that medical professionals don't have the answer to yet.

"What we don't know at this point in time is if you've had an active COVID-19 infection, is it possible to get another COVID-19 infection in the months after your antibody response is gone," Dr. Rhyne said. "It's just too early in the pandemic for us to be able to adequately answer that question."

CEO of Covenant Health, Walt Cathey assured that hospitals are not profiting from the pandemic.

"The way hospitals really make most of their money now is through contracting efforts to actually keep people out of our hospitals," Cathey said. "With COVID-19, we do get a little bit of a bump in reimbursement from the federal government but it's only to cover the gap of what we would have traditionally lost on the case."

There is still no cure, but Covenant Health continues to fight this virus, give back to businesses that need PPE and help other hospitals across Texas.

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