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Local fisherman raising money to stock Dunbar Lake

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Robert Varela is an avid angler and has spent a lot of time fishing at Dunbar lake since the start of the pandemic. 

Varela has reached out to the city and Texas Parks and Wildlife hoping to stock the lake with even more fish. He believes this will improve the experience, not just for fishermen, but the community. 

"You know for the past time being, the pandemic's here. There's really nothing for anybody to do. A lot of people picked up the habit of coming out here and fishing. And I mean everybody comes out here which is a good thing," he said. 

Caleb Huber with Texas Parks and Wildlife says the agency first requires a permit, at no cost, to ensure it's aware of the request. This helps keep a record and avoid certain problems if a permit is not approved. 

"You know, as an example, we wouldn't want say a group to buy fish, put them in a lake and we not know about it and maybe put another stocking of fish on top of those and double-up. And that might actually create a problem. We might have too many fish and cause overcrowding and competition," Huber said. 

Texas Parks and Wildlife has surveyed the lake to determine the types of fish that would thrive in that environment. Now, Varela has to raise $11,348 by October to purchase the fish. 

"I just want to basically make it a good environment for people to want to fish, people to come to fish, making it exciting for people by it having fish and stuff like that," Varela said. "But like I said I can't do it alone. I need the community behind me, I need all of Lubbock's fishermen."

Huber says while the pandemic could stall the process, the Parks and Wildlife Department already has a head start in adding Dunbar Lake to its requests. 

"We will probably based on our data, be adding lake 6, Dunbar Lake, to our request to get regular catfish stocking. Moving forward I'm pretty confident that we'll be able to get some fish stocked in Dunbar on a regular basis," he said. 

And Varela's goal doesn't stop there. 

"If we can raise more money that than maybe we can stock this one first and then look toward doing Mackenzie Park, or Buddy Holly, Maxey and other little playa lakes just to make it a good fishing experience for everybody in the city," he said. 

Support Varela's project visit his Facebook - here. He's also set up an account with FirstBank & Trust that takes donations.

"You have to give them my name, Robert Varela, with the quote 'Lubbock loves fishing' and they'll put that money into that account," he said. "That account is strictly for stocking the lake of Dunbar."

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