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Early detection & treatment saves stroke patient

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In the midst of the pandemic, studies show many patients are hesitant to go to the hospital for care. That can prove deadly. One woman didn't hesitate after suffering some serious physical symptoms.

"I was literally just hanging a picture in my daughter's room and I just felt my whole body dissipated," Covenant Health Patient Marci Brosch said.

March Brosch said the right side of her body went numb, she couldn't talk, and collapsed.

Her 7 year old daughter called her dad.

"My first thought was well maybe she didn't eat enough or she's working too hard because she's kind of a go go go type of person, but when I got here and she was laying on the floor and couldn't get up, my heart sank, it scared me, it scared me bad," Covenant Health Patient's Husband Steven Brosch said.

He called EMS to come get her.

"We were able to get her what we consider the most aggressive care," Covenant Medical Group Neurologist Dr. Katie Hendley said.

Turns out, Marci had suffered a stroke.

"We could visualize the clot in her vessels and she was able to have that removed," Dr. Hendley said.

Brosch spent eight days in the ICU.

"On the eighth day I was able to leave and come home and start with speech and just working on my legs and everything," Brosch said.

She is only 39 years old.

"All of my blood work is clear," Brosch said.

Dr. Hendley said Brosch's case is unusual, but her story was classic for a stroke with sudden onset deficits.

Although hard to tell what caused the stroke, the Neurologist said in the female population there are some factors.

"Sometimes being on hormones, smoking, having migraines, those are risk factors in that demographic, not all of those applied to Marci," Dr. Hendley said.

Brosch is doing well thanks to early intervention.

"You're absolutely able to rehab from it and get back to a near normal life in many cases," Dr. Hendley said.

Still recovering, she has a speech therapist and goes on daily walks with her kids.


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