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Churches resume Sunday services

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Sunday morning was the first time for many houses of worship to meet in several weeks.

"We feel confident that we're going to be okay with everything going on," Pastor Ben Delay of Transformation Church said.

Their welcome back included greeters taking temperatures and giving complimentary squirts of hand sanitizer at the door.

"We're doing a little bit above, what is even required just to make sure we're all good to go," Delay said.

He says the church considered re-opening at a later date, but ultimately decided against it.

"All of our people that are coming today, had to register ahead of time. We kind of have assigned seating today, which is, that is not common in churches...we asked them to stay in their designated area as best they can."

But not everyone is open just yet.

Pastor David Rhoades at Broadview Baptist Church delayed re-opening until next Sunday to make some crucial preparations.


Broadview Baptist plans on re-opening next Sunday, May 10th.

"There are some people just, rearing, to go. They want to meet and they want to meet right now," Rhoades said. " And there's others that are saying to me you know it's just not time, they're too nervous or there's too much sickness out there and so they're not ready yet," he added.

When they do open their doors, the doors will stay open, so no one has to touch the handles.

There will be no greeters and extra hand sanitizer made available.

Offerings will be asked to be given in drop boxes instead of being passed around.

"I understand the seriousness of this, and if something should happen to someone we know,  that would be devastating. So we want to take every precaution we can, and at the same time offer what we can to people," Rhoades said.

For the members who may not feel comfortable or able to attend the services, churches are still relying on technology to make sure that everyone is able to worship.

"We're still going to have people that are over 65, that may not come or have compromised immune systems. we have a number of people in a nursing home near by," Rhoades explained.

"We actually did not have livestreaming until this happened, so we've kind of navigated that, and we've done a great job with it so far, we think, and we've encouraged a lot of people to watch online as well," Delay said.

The governor has recommended that houses of worship hold services remotely, whenever possible.

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