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UPDATE: Following cease order, Lubbock gym will not reopen Monday

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

UPDATE: "Zach's Club" in west Lubbock will not reopen today, citing a cease order 

While Governor Abbott's plan doesn't explicitly permit it, "Zach's Club" In west Lubbock announced last week that it would be reopening Monday. The gym made a Facebook post Sunday night that says it was in receipt of revised mandates from the governor and is choosing to comply. But, the gym's owners are thankful some city leaders are now listening to them, with hopes they will be able to provide feedback to the governor's strike force.

Here is the Facebook post:

Zach’s Club West would like to formally announce an amendment to its reopening.

We want what is best for our members and the community as a whole. Small business doesn’t often have a voice loud enough to be heard or to make an impact that can not only affect them, but their community too. In this instance we have both.

Our recent announcement of reopening Zach’s Club West was met mostly with immense support. With that, some made assumptions of our intentions for reopening and some just didn’t agree. We expected there to be negative feedback regarding our plans and that is ok, but we didn’t expect to have such a momentous level of support, not only from our members, but the community as a whole. For that we are thankful.

Today we were in contact with local government. Zach’s Club West was served with papers by the Attorney General indicating the revisions of the Governor’s statement on businesses reopening. We were then given both local mandates as well as cease order by the City Attorney. Much of the consequences we were already aware of such as fines and jail time.

What came next is why we have opted to NOT REOPEN Zach’s Club West at this time.

The city leader we spoke to, discussed frustrations, thoughts and reasons for wanting to reopen with LISTENED. They were agreeable, kind, compassionate and offered to do all they could to help us. We were not disregarded or blown off. Instead, local leaders conducted many calls and emails with us and put forth effort to make sure our voice is heard.

Our local leaders have agreed to get our message to or us in contact with those close to Governor Abbott before he speaks on Tuesday. We are hopeful what we share has a bearing on his decision to open gyms moving forward. We believe that with our knowledge, prepared statistics and passion for what we do, it will sway his opinion to not only give Zach’s Club West the ability to reopen lawfully, but for gyms across Texas to do the same. This is about more than just us and if we can help facilitate this, its going to help far more people than looking inward. This would be something to be proud of and would be a great benefit to not only our city, but our state as a whole.

This doesn’t mean we quit or backed down from our goal of reopening. We have shown respect to those in office as they have respected us. We have compromised and are going to give these two days to do what we can to get our message front and center and be heard. If things go in our favor and if we can make an impact on his decision, we all benefit. On Tuesday we will listen to what Governor Abbott shares. Then decide what we will do moving forward.

We believe when given a voice, especially a voice to help the many, you use it. We apologize to all of you who stand behind us that may be upset or disappointed by this decision. We feel it is the best choice moving forward. If we can get the same end result by utilizing our ability to talk directly to our leaders which is another right we share and help others beyond ourselves, then we feel we are obligated to do so. It took us stepping outside the bounds of what many will think is right and just, but its what it took for a small voice, such as our own to be heard.

Thank you again for all of your support. We will make another announcement as soon as we have our next step in place.



While Governor Abbott's plan doesn't explicitly permit gyms to reopen, Zach's Club in West Lubbock announced it will open Monday.

The governor's order only mentions gyms stating "people shall avoid visiting gyms" along with mentioning bars, swimming pools and bowling alleys. It doesn't explicitly bar them from staying closed.

Gym owners say other businesses that are open won't help physical health like a workout would. In a statement, they suggest any effort to prevent it from opening would violate the Constitution.

"It's not that we have a blatant disrespect for the governor, for the mayor or the community in general -- we have immense respect for those individuals. But again, we're a business, and we're in business to grow as a business, pay our employees, feed our families and right now we're not able to do that," Brandan Fokken, with Zach's Club West, said.

The gym isn't accepting new members or accepting day passes.

There are hand washing and sanitizing stations on-hand, all the available equipment is six feet apart, showers and gym towels aren't available and anyone coming inside will have their temperatures checked.

Gym staff say there's no way it will come close to its 25% occupancy limit since it's a 35,00 square foot facility. 

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