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Eppler: 'Extraction' a grim exercise in good stunt work

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When you're starving, even a dry, half-decent hamburger looks good. Such is the case with "Extraction," a decent bit of escapism on Netflix while theaters are closed. It's good enough for action fans who wanna watch Chris Hemsworth try to kill more people than coronavirus. 

Hemsworth plays mercenary Tyler Rake, and if you're wondering if he kills a guy with a rake - no; he kills two guys with a rake. 
I wish I could say the rest of the movie had that kind of knowing sense of fun, but "Extraction" is a rather grim and moody affair. Hemsworth has to bury his natural charm and charisma under a pile of clichés as the mopey wounded hero with a drink and death wish mourning the loss of his family. 
He's called in to help rescue a kidnapped drug dealer's kid, and while the story has zero surprises, there is some good stunt work in the movie's many shoot-em-up sequences. A 12-minute action scene is edited to look like one continuous shot. Sure, it's been done better in "Atomic Blonde" and last year's "1917," but I still like the trick.
First-time director Sam Hargrave, who is a longtime stunt coordinator, is clearly influenced by "The Raid" and "John Wick" movies. It makes for exciting action even if it has a been-there-done-that feeling. 
"Extraction" is now streaming on Netflix.


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