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Lubbock state lawmakers want businesses reopened next month

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Lubbock's state lawmakers want Texas businesses reopened next month. That's one of the unified messages they presented to economic leaders in our area Thursday. 

Republican State Rep. Dustin Burrows says the government can't fix all of these problems.

"There's no way we can print enough money and have enough task force formed to solve this," Burrows said. "Business has to start getting open again sooner rather than later. There's no way to replace our current economic system."

Burrows chairs The House Ways and Means Committee. It focuses on raising revenue. With non-essential businesses closed, there's little of that to go around. He warns that the state government is already looking at cuts to the state budget for next session. 

"We hear stories about people being sympathetic towards the government for not having enough money but their sympathies are in the wrong place," Burrows said. "Taxpayers don't have enough money to pay those taxes. If we are going to expect people to cut into their own personal and business lives, government will have to do that as well."

Senator Charles Perry says Texas won't sacrifice long-term progress for a temporary problem. 

"We should not shipwreck out game plan ten years out for something that we believe will be temporary," Perry said. "We need to be really, really careful when we start having those conversations."

Representative John Frullo says he and Senator Perry are experienced in trimming budgets safely. They both started in 2011 while the state was going through an oil bust and still recovering from the great recession. 

 "Often times Texas has created more jobs than the rest of the country combined. We see that and will continue to see that," Frullo said. 

All three predict Texas will make a big comeback in the fall, but if the economy doesn't open back up by June it will have missed out on an entire quarter of revenue. Perry says broadband internet in rural communities will finally get the attention it deserves. 

 "A lot of the majors are out there today in these rural communities trying to get broadband access so the ISD's can finish out their school year's online," he said.

The first broadband council meeting is on April 16, and Senator Perry believes it will be funded despite the tight budget. Texas's Economic Stabilization Fund, or the "rainy day" fund was last estimated between 10 and 15 billion. That has been used in the past to balance the economy during oil busts or recessions. 

The next legislative session begins in January. 














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