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Covenant Health M.D. explains Covid19 exposure risks

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LUBBOCK, Texas -
Heathcare professionals are working tirelessly during this Corona Virus outbreak. 
"Personally for me, it was a choice that I made when I chose my profession," Infectious Disease Specialist, Prakash Shrestha said. "I take this as an opportunity to help the people that I can really make a difference in their life."
Being exposed to patients who have Covid19, put medical staff in the high risk category for catching it. This has caused them to change up their daily routine a little. 
"I have to be extra careful when I go home and when I come in contact with my family members," Shrestha said. "I have an extra pair of clothes in my office and an extra pair of shoes. Whenever I feel like I came in contact with someone with Covid, I change my clothes in my office, in my car or even in my garage."
Considering the fact that the virus can survive in air for about three hours and on various surfaces for up to three hours, these  precautions are more than necessary.
Dr. Shrestha laid out examples of the levels of exposure risk for us. Low risk is to simply pass by someone that is infected with Covid19. Moderate risk is flying in the same aircraft. And high risk is being closer that six-feet to someone infected, for an extended period of time.
"They have not precisely defined what extended period of time means," Shrestha added.  "It could be anywhere from more than five minutes to ten minutes."
Unfortunately, this isn't the first highly infectious disease doctors have come across.
"This is not something new, but certainly this is more challenging given the number of people that are infected and the adversity we are facing," Shrestha said. "But I feel very fortunate to help people who really need my help."
This is clearly a difficult disease. Fortunately, about 80 percent of cases have fully recovered.
The Covenant Heath staff continued to reinforce that social distancing is the key to winning this fight.
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