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Eppler: Top 5 superhero movies for families (non-DC, Marvel)

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We are continuing our series on movies for families with so many stuck at home. Last week, it was the Top 5 Family Sports Movies. Now we're looking at one of the most popular genres: superhero movies. But we're leaving out the DC and Marvel movies everyone has seen along with "The Incredibles." Those are too easy. Here are some forgotten ones: 



#5: "Megamind" (2010)
"Megamind" is more of a super-villain story with Will Ferrell voicing a hapless anti-hero going up against his arch nemesis: the preening Metro Man voiced by Brad Pitt. There are lots of laughs here with a solidly subversive screenplay. The kids will love it.
Available on Amazon Prime, Vudu



#4: "Mystery Men" (1999) 
Another deconstructionist piece of work, "Mystery Men" is a small gem from the 90s about a kind of B-team of heroes whose powers are questionable. It's all pretty innocent and the more adult jokes hopefully go right over the kids' heads.
Available on Starz, Vudu



#3: "The Mask of Zorro" (1998)
"The Mask of Zorro" may be a stretch for superhero movies, but it follows all the beats of a superhero origin story. It's exciting, funny and charming with Antonio Banderas, a whale of a debut by Catherine Zeta Jones, and for some crazy reason, Welch actor Anthony Hopkins cast as a Spaniard (I mean, was Edward James Olmos busy?). The  movie is fun. Don't bother with the sequel they made years later.
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#2: "Sky High" (2005)
"Sky High" came along just three years before the Marvel boom in 2008. The movie about a high school for kids with superpowers would have been a massive hit had it come about like five years later. It plays like a Disney movie Kurt Russell would have made in the early 70s, so it's cool that he's cast here as the superhero father of a kid trying to find his powers.
Available on HBO, Vudu


#1: "The Rocketeer" (1990)
One of my favorite movies growing up, Disney's "The Rocketeer" about a pilot who finds a stolen jet pack made by Howard Hughes that was stolen by gangsters. I wouldn't recommend this tale of hoods and Hollywood stars for kids younger than about 10, but all these years later it holds up as a charming dazzler.
Available on Disney Plus

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