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Home for dinner; grocery shopper gets help to car through flooded parking lot

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LUBBOCK, Texas -
With grocery stores packed and social distancing enforced, stores are busy helping provide essential needs.
For Bob Strong, he thought it was a normal evening of grabbing groceries before having dinner with his wife. Then storms hit Market Street on 19th and Quaker while he was shopping. 
"I gathered up my stuff and headed to my car. I looked and saw all that water and said what is happening," Strong said. 
Strong's car was surrounded by two feet of water and he didn't have many options, until Gary Jackson stepped in. 

"One of the coworkers told me he was waiting until the water recedes to get to his vehicle. And my pants and socks were already wet," Jackson said. 
Jackson was helping other get through the wet parking lot through the evening, but Strong's car was a little too deep and used palettes to help. 

"He climbed on top, I pushed him over to the vehicle and rotated it so he could get in. At that point I just wanted to get him to his vehicle so he could go home," Strong said. 

Jackson and Strong say this experience helped with all of the uncertainty going on in the country. 
"At this point people need groceries and are trying to find a point where they can relax and not really think about what's going. Just to be able to relieve them is what I need," Jackson said. 
So thanks to Gary, Bob was able to make it home on time for dinner with his wife and he said her meatloaf was pretty good. 


"It made my whole week," Strong said. "Sure did."
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