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City of Hobbs prevention for coronavirus

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HOBBS, New Mexico -

From the City of Hobbs: 

The City of Hobbs has received questions regarding our plans to prepare for the unlikeliness that the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) enters our community.

The City of Hobbs wishes to assure all residents and visitors that while this virus is new and unfamiliar, City Staff are taking extra precautions and monitoring the progression of this situation to protect the health and well-being of all who we serve. The City has been in contact with our local medical institutions and government agencies, including the State of New Mexico Department of Health and following recommendations from the CDC (Center for Disease Control). According to the CDC’s website, “Global efforts at this time are focused concurrently on lessening the spread and impact of this virus.” At the time of this release, there have been no reports of COVID-19 in our state.

Daily Precautions and Prevention

Those who are elderly or with severe underlying health conditions, such as heart disease, lung disease, and diabetes, are at a higher risk of becoming infected and experiencing more serious symptoms. We want to ensure citizens have up-to-date information and are mindful of the precautions they should take to prevent the coronavirus.

These precautions are similar to those of other respiratory diseases and symptoms, including washing hands frequently and thoroughly, avoiding close contact with those who are sick, avoiding touching your face or mouth, covering your mouth with your arm when you need to cough or sneeze, and regularly disinfecting surfaces.

Additionally, it is advised to take the appropriate daily vitamins for your own or your family’s needs, drink plenty of water throughout the day, get plenty of sleep, have medicine on-hand in case a household member does become sick, and to seek the advice of your doctor if you become sick or are showing symptoms. The CDC recommends that if individuals feel sick or that they are becoming sick, they are encouraged to stay home and contact their medical provider immediately, which is a practice recommended during any flu season. If someone is sick at all, even if it is not COVID-19, they should stay home as they will have a weakened immune system and contact may weaken the immune systems of those they contact.

City Precautions and Prevention

Every effort will be made to place hand sanitizing stations at every entrance, on counters, and staff will be frequently sanitizing surfaces. This is an emerging, evolving situation for which we will provide information as it becomes available.

You play a vital role in the safety of yourself, your family, and your community. Prevention is the most important part. For the most up-to-date information on the coronavirus, monitor the following websites:
• CDC website on 2019-nCoV

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