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UPDATE: Kovar maintains razor majority to avoid runoff in Pct. 1

Posted: Updated: Mar 09, 2020 10:03 PM -05:00

Update (3/9/2020):

After finishing the count for absentee and provisional ballots Monday, the Lubbock County Ballot Board reiterates the results from Super Tuesday: Terence Kovar avoids a run-off in the Precinct 1 commissioner race by two votes.

With 12,697 votes counted, Kovar holds 6,351 -- in order to avoid a runoff, a candidate must have half plus one vote, or 6,349 votes.

Lee Ann Dumbauld, who had 42.93% of the vote, has until Friday to request a recount. She told FOX34 on Super Tuesday she planned to do that.

Original story (3/3/2020)

There will likely be a recount in the Republican primary for Lubbock County Commissioner Precinct 1. Lee Ann Dumbauld tells FOX34 she plans to ask for one. Terence Kovar won with 6,342 votes out of 12,680 cast. 6,341 was needed to clinch the race avoiding a runoff. These are the unofficial final figures.

As the unofficial winner, Kovar will replace Bill McCay who did not seek re-election. There is no Democrat running.

I'm here, I'm ready to start working for the county, and when I get in there, I'm just going to get with all the commissioners and we want to hit the ground running," Kovar said Tuesday night.

Precinct 1 is the fastest-growing part of Lubbock County. To keep that growth going, Kovar says the court needs to come up with a feasible plan. He said it will cost extra tax dollars.

"For infrastructure, one of the big things, and its already out there. They're building these roads, but that takes money and that's going to take time."

He says his day one priority will be reviewing last year's budget.

"I would like to get in and I want to meet all the heads of all the departments. And then I want to sit down in front of the last year's budget, and I just want to start reviewing last year's budget and reviewing it with the department heads."

Kovar is a mechanic. He said this victory proves a working man can be elected to public office.

note: this story was updated Wednesday morning to correct wording in first sentence that there will likely be a recount. Earlier version incorrectly stated runoff.

Lubbock County final results
Statewide results


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