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Leap year babies share what it's like celebrating every 4 years

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Every four years we get an extra day in February to keep the calendar on track. Some celebrate a leap year a little differently. 

February 29 is inserted into our calendar year to keep days synchronized. The chance of being a leap year baby is about one in 1,500. Those born on a leap year may sometimes feel excluded not having a birthday each year, but ultimately it's a trait they say is unique. 

"I wasn't really fond of being born on a leap year. And after growing up a little bit and after spending a couple of birthdays actually being able to celebrate, it's just a unique thing that you can say about yourself," Carson Glenewinkel said. 

Glenewinkel is celebrating her sixth birthday. It can seem confusing, but for Glenewinkel she says she's able to joke about her age. 

"Normally I tell people my actual age, but joking around when I get to know people more like on a personal level I'll tell them 'oh yeah, I'm only five and three fourths," she said. 

Stuart Williams is celebrating his 15th birthday. He shares a similar attitude. 

"Somebody yesterday said oh I can't believe you're 60 and I said well don't use that number I'm not. I'm fifteen," he said. 

He said growing up his family made a big deal about celebrating his birthday each year. While others might find it too, Williams embraces this uniqueness. 

"Everybody that I talk to seems to think it's pretty unusual. They're like 'you don't get a birthday?' 'yeah, I get one every year just not on the calendar," he said. 

For both Glenewinkel and Williams while they're still young, they're leaping into their next year a little wiser.



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