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Good Day Lubbock: Thursday, February 27

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Good morning!   Here is what's on Good Day Lubbock this morning 5-9 a.m. on FOX34.         


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Mild, sunshine, and highs in 50s and 60s today

Another cold morning, then milder this afternoon with highs in the upper 50s and low 60s. Another cold night with lows in the upper 20s and 30s for our area. Sunshine continues into Friday with highs climbing a few more degrees. 70s, mostly sunny, and breezy this weekend.


There are now at least 60 confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States

Health officials expect that number will keep rising here, as well as around the globe. And the U.S. may have its first "community spread" coronavirus case. That means the illness could be moving through a community and "the source of infection is unknown." In this case, health officials say the patient tested positive despite not having "relevant travel history or exposure to another known patient." The patient is a California resident and is under strict contact precaution. There are now more than 80,000 cases across the globe, on every continent except Antarctica. The death toll has passed 2,700, with most of the fatalities occurring in China. Governor Greg Abbott will receive a briefing on the coronavirus (2019-ncov) today at the State Operations Center in Austin. The governor will also provide an update on the precautionary steps the state is taking should the virus spread to Texas.

Lubbock police are searching for who shot a teenager near 73rd and University

Four people were heading south on University when the suspect pulled up next to them, saw someone inside, and started shooting. They hit 17-year-old Antwan Telford in the leg. He's at the hospital with moderate injuries. If you know anything about the attack, call crimeline: 741 1000.

Four members of the neo-Nazi group Atomwaffen are now in jail

They are accused of targeting journalists and activists. Aiden Bruce-Umbaugh was arrested during a traffic stop in Post a few months ago. He has since pleaded guilty to weapons and drug charges and is awaiting sentencing. 24-year-old Kaleb Cole is the suspected leader of Atomwaffen. Court records show, after he was deported from Canada to the U.S. last year, the FBI interviewed him. Police in Washington served him with an "extreme risk protection order". Since Cole wasn't facing any charges during that November traffic stop in Garza county, he was allowed to continue his trip to Houston. That's where the feds say he met with another member of the neo-Nazi group. He's one of four men arrested around the country. Prosecutors believe they conspired to target journalists and activists.


Lubbock police have set up a "safe space" in the Overton Park neighborhood

It's part of the department's "neighborhood deployment" initiative. The "mobile response center" is parked at 14th and Avenue T. The trailer is filled with everything the cops need to respond. It's also a chance for residents to meet the officers, and bring any problems that may have gone unnoticed. The officers will be camped out there until 4 this afternoon. There will be five more deployments this year. Those locations have not yet been announced.


Law enforcement asking for public's help to find Maegan Hembree

It's been 7 years since a woman from Smyer went missing. Deputies reminded everyone there's a reward out there for any tips that can bring Maegan Hembree home or to an arrest in her case. She was last seen leaving Smyer to meet a friend in Lubbock. Detectives say they've exhausted all their leads and need your help. Lubbock county deputies say Michael Todd Ramsey is the last person known to have been with her. He's in prison for unrelated charges. If you know anything, call crimeline... 741-1000.


Vista Bank will pay out $7.5m to the Reagor Dykes bankruptcy estate

A judge has approved this settlement. The multi-million-dollar agreement also ends Vista Bank's claims on the auto group's estate and adds an approval for Reagor Dykes' Chapter 11 plans. This settlement arises from aggressive claims from the auto group, accusing the bank of participating in and benefiting from the massive fraud that took down the enterprise. Judge Robert Jones said this agreement is in the best interest of the state, since trying the case would be expensive and time-consuming. In a statement, attorneys for Vista say it's pleased for the approval since it saves money, time, and attention. Attorneys for the estate have leveled similar accusations against First Capital Bank -another creditor. First Capital indicates it's going to keep fighting this "adversarial proceeding" - basically a lawsuit within the bankruptcy case. Reps for the bank say it's a victim and nothing more.


Zoning disputes on land for Expo Center

After almost five hours of fierce debate and public comments Tuesday night, city council remains split over how to zone land for the expo center. In a 4-3 vote, council members approved the change of zoning for the site of the expo center from a single family R1, to an Interstate Highway Commercial District- IHC. It comes after great opposition from the neighboring communities of Hillcrest Country Club and Lubbock Country Club. There were 237 signatures from 192 households opposing the new zoning. The concerns included traffic congestion, noise and odor issues, and property values. Councilman Jeff Griffith proposed an amendment to the original plan, having a combination of IHC and R1 property. Mayor Dan Pope also toddled with the idea, but ultimately the original proposal passed. The second hearing will be at the next regular city council meeting set for March 10th.


Spring to be the earliest ever in 124 years

According to the groundhog, we're supposed to have an early spring. But we probably all imagined something a little earlier than this. According to the calendar, spring will get here 18 hours earlier than usual. On March 19th, the entire U.S. will experience its vernal or spring equinox - the earliest its been in 124 years. That's when the length of night and day are equal. Before the equinox, our nights are longer than our days, and afterward, days will get longer. It's determined by the earth's tilt on its axis while in orbit around the sun timed with when the sun crosses the equator. It's possible for the spring equinox to occur anytime between March 19th and the 21st, but it has not landed on the 19th since 1896. In addition to an early calendar spring, doctors warn this winter's historically high temperatures could make way for your seasonal allergies to kick in ahead of schedule. By the way, you'll be setting your clocks forward on March 8th.


Look Around Lubbock:  Land Arts of the American West Exhibition 


Meredith Aldis gets a preview of the display at the Museum of Texas Tech University. It's called "semester long in our own backyard" where Texas Tech architects, artists, historians and writers camp for 51 nights while traveling to major land art monuments.


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