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Eppler: 'Call of the Wild' has life despite fake dog

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"The Call of the Wild" is based on the Jack London book you might have read in junior high, and it stars an exceptionally grizzled Harrison Ford alongside a big dog. The casting makes sense:
Ford has shown chemistry with big furry animals before.
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It's worth noting the dog called Buck in "The Call of the Wild" is a computer generated creation with actor Terry Notary providing the motion capture movements. Would I have preferred a real dog? Sure. But Buck looks fine , and because this is mostly his movie the filmmakers clearly wanted to give him a more full range of emotional expression. 
We follow Buck's travails through several owners - some good, some bad - all narrated by Ford before his character even comes into the story. (I'm not sure how Ford would know any of the dog's history, but, y'know, details). Once Buck and Ford become a team, they decide to venture out into the Wild together because masculine exploratory soul searching reasons. 
The computer-generated environments and effects are mostly convincing, and there's some well photographed and exciting action. I was charmed by "The Call of the Wild." Ford looks genuinely invested here bringing that half-smile warmth that's made us love him for so long. 
I usually find dog movies to be sentimental and predictable, but this won me over early on. It reminds me how much I liked another Jack London-based movie called "White Fang" from 30 years ago. There's also a really good sled dog movie on Disney Plus called "Togo" that I highly recommend. But I digress. "The Call of the Wild" works well at what it wants to be: something exciting, wholesome and uplifting for families. 
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