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Good Day Lubbock: Thursday, February 20

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Good morning!   Here is what's on Good Day Lubbock this morning 5-9 a.m. on FOX34.        


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Colder today and breezy

Any precipitation we get this morning will be light with no accumulations expected. Temperatures will drop through the first half of the day with a breezy northeast wind. High near 39, cloudy with clouds breaking apart late in the day. Nearing 23 tonight with a calmer wind and mostly clear sky. More clouds through Friday and into the weekend with temperatures climbing to the 60s Saturday and Sunday. Next storm system looks more of a wind event for the first half of next week with the strongest wind Sunday, some light showers possible too.


Madison Rodriguez was sentenced to 50 years in prison

The sentence is for the attack that led to her child's death five years ago. Yesterday, a jury found the 23-year-old guilty of aggravated assault. During closing statements, prosecutors reminded the jury that Rodriguez admitted to police she had forcibly thrown her 1-year-old to the ground during an argument with her then-boyfriend Dillon Flournoy. According to an autopsy, the infant had a 2-inch skull fracture, typically seen in children that have been in car wrecks. Rodriguez will have to serve half of her sentence before she is eligible for parole.

Democrat candidates for president back on the campaign trail after intense Las Vegas debate

It was the first debate appearance for former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, and by most accounts, he had a rough night. He was clearly the target with rivals taking him to task over his past controversial statements about women, and racist policies. Bloomberg has outspent all the other candidates and is betting on a strong showing for Super Tuesday, which is March 3rd. Senator Sanders is leading national polls right now.

The White House is denying President Trump offered to pardon Wikileaks founder Julian Assange

There are allegations he would issue the pardon Assange if he would publicly deny any Russian involvement in the 2016 hack of the Democratic National Convention. Assange's lawyers made the claim in a London courtroom yesterday saying former representative Dana Rohrabacher gave Assange the offer at the direction of President Trump. The president's press secretary called the offer a lie and suggested it could have originated with the DNC. Rohrabacher released a statement saying he has never spoken to Trump about Assange. He did, however, meet with Assange and offer to talk to Trump about a pardon if Assange could provide evidence about who gave him the DNC emails. Assange has been in prison since September after being removed from the Ecuadorian embassy in London. He could still face charges in the U.S.


New immigration regulation takes effect this month

It focuses on the requirements for international students, who are getting particular visas. The "F" visa allows students to stay for a four-year degree. The "M" type visa... focuses on technical colleges and trade schools. The new regulation could limit the stay for foreign students. The change would force students to get legal permanent status if they change their education plans. Immigration attorneys say it's very likely this regulation will go into effect.

Passengers from the Diamond Princess cruise ship are returning home

More than 100 Hong Kong residents arrived back at Hong Kong International airport this morning. They were evacuated by a charter flight and assisted by medical workers. Those passengers tested negative for coronavirus, but will spend the next 14 days in quarantine. More than 50 Hong Kong residents who tested positive remain in Japan. The global death toll has now reached more than $2,100.


At least 19 people are dead after a roadway collision in India

Volunteers pulled victims away from the scene on stretchers. It happened after a bus collided with a semi truck in southern India. Police say the incident killed at least 19 people, injuring dozens more. Road accidents are said to be the cause of thousands of deaths every year in India. Experts say most are due in part to reckless driving and poor infrastructure.


Study: the production of oil and gas is contributing more to climate change than previously believed

The research, published in the scientific journal "Nature," indicates methane emissions from fossil fuel sources are between 25 and 40% higher than previously estimated. Scientists looked at ancient air bubbles trapped in Greenland's ice sheet. They measured a rare radioactive isotope to work out how much atmospheric methane comes from fossil sources, as opposed to biological sources. They found that nearly half of the methane in our air comes from oil and gas production. Methane is the main component in natural gas. It's much more-effective at trapping heat than carbon dioxide and is responsible for about a quarter of human-caused global warming.


Look Around Lubbock: Lubbock Lion’s Club in the FOX34 Corner Kitchen

Meredith Aldis is getting a preview of the 68th Annual Pancake Festival on Saturday. It supports local charities. Lubbock Lion’s Club holds a world record for the most pancakes served in an 8 hour period by a non-profit organization. Meredith will be in the FOX34 Corner Kitchen flipping pancakes & making sausage with members.


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