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New tech helps Lubbock mother battle brain tumor

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Three craniotomies. Gamma knife radiation. Constant MRIs. Artie Hart-Corelis' diagnosis has not been an easy one.

In 2005, doctors discovered she had a cancerous brain tumor.  At the time, she had a newborn and two other young daughters.

"I wanted the time with the girls and I didn't know how much time I had. So, we took advantage of it," Hart-Corelis said.

Hart-Corelis has worked with Covenant neurologist Dr. Harold Smith since the beginning and her treatment was working for years.

Then in 2019, their worst fears came true, but this time was different. 

"You know I'm sitting in the chair, kind of freaking out and he goes, 'wait a minute! this is totally different. We have all this new technology I didn't have," Hart-Corelis recounted. 

Artie Hart-Corelis was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2005

Covenant Health System houses several new brain mapping technologies "Synaptive" and "Nexstim" that have changed the game in the last decade. 

"Before it was just a picture of a brain, now it's a picture of a brain, where the treasure's located on the treasure map. As well as where's the trouble spot, where's the tumor. As well as, hey where is this important area of the brain, and how is this linked to other important areas of the brain, so we don't damage those connections cables," Dr. Smith said.

5ALA is also a medication patients drink before their surgery, which under a special light, helps the tumor glow, so every last bit can be removed with ease.

"Under normal light, it can mimic the normal brain and it's hard to tell what to remove and what not to remove. Makes it much more clear," Dr. Smith explained.

Hart-Corelis has had no complications post-surgery to date. 

"I don't know if people realize, how fortunate they are that this technology is here," she said. "I would do it all again. Wake me up, give me the dye, shock me, do it all again, get the best cleanest margins with the least deficits," Hart-Corelis said.

Despite the difficult road to recovery, she has been able to keep a positive attitude. 

"We count everything. I try to just count my blessings," Hart Corelis explained how she does it every day with a smile.

Her tumor, even has a name.

"His name is Gone and Gone is gone and now my prayer is Gone is gone for good," Hart-Corelis said.

She will soon be undergoing a combination of chemo and radiation therapy, to fulfill that hope.

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