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Reagor-Dykes claims Vista Bank facilitated fraud

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In new bankruptcy court filings, citing e-mail records, attorneys for the Reagor-Dykes estate claim Vista Bank "benefited from and actively facilitated the fraud" that ultimately lead to the Auto Group's bankruptcy. And, according to Reagor-Dykes' attorneys, Vista Bank was able to nearly double its size in two years because "Vista Bank was willing to do things that other banks would not", claiming it coordinated with former Reagor-Dykes CFO Shane Smith.

The new filing also claims Vista Bank had advanced knowledge of Ford Credit audits. It was a surprise audit in July 2018 that led to the Auto Group's collapse, subsequent bankruptcy filings, many civil actions and several criminal charges. 

Vista Bank's legal team rejected the claims, stating it "refuses to be extorted by the criminals who ran Reagor-Dykes".

Reagor-Dykes seeks to recover "multiple millions of fraudulent transfers" from Vista Bank. It seeks to disallow Vista Bank's claimed lien against a $2 million certificate of deposit. Reagor-Dykes also wants to recover some money that was transferred from its Vista Bank accounts.

Attorneys claim tens of thousands of banking transactions Vista Bank processed for Reagor-Dykes "required significant coordination between Vista Bank executives and CFO Smith". 

Smith was the first former Auto Group employee to plead to a federal charge of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. He is awaiting sentencing. Several others have also pleaded guilty to either their role in providing false documentation to Ford Credit or check kiting.

The new filing states in the 12 months before many Reagor-Dykes companies filed for bankruptcy, August 2017 to July 2018, the Auto Group made deposits exceeding $1.4 billion into its Vista Bank accounts. But, the attorneys write, Vista Bank had Reagor-Dykes' financial reports, which showed from January 2017 to December 2017 the Auto Group reported $250 million in gross sales. These new documents state deposits for "virtually every month during this period [12 months before bankruptcy] grossly exceed past average monthly sales, often by several orders of magnitude."

"Deposits reflecting an increase of almost 600% over Debtors' prior year's gross sales could not go unnoticed at Vista Bank, particularly as these deposits were almost double the entire asset size of Vista Bank." (emphasis included in filing)

Reagor-Dykes claims three of the Auto Group's Vista accounts were overdrawn a combined 368 days for the 12 months before the buildup of massive fraud at the dealerships came crashing down.

Attorneys for the Reagor-Dykes estate also claim Vista Bank president John Steinmetz personally enriched himself through "kickbacks", claiming Reagor-Dykes funded $150,000 in luxury car leases for his personal use.

The new filing claims the above-referenced deposits "exceeded 180% of the entire asset size of Vista Bank in the third quarter of 2018". It continues, "And as established through emails between Smith and Vista Market President Toby Cecil, Vista would often keep its doors open after-hours in order to receive
these deposits in a process to be discussed at greater length later in this Complaint and known as 'late drawer memo posting'."

Reagor-Dykes attorneys cite an e-mail Cecil sent to Reagor-Dykes CEO and co-owner Bart Reagor on Sept. 22, 2016:

“Dear Bart,
We have a situation that we need to address quickly regarding the RD dealership accounts. I have attached the account history for the Mitsubishi account as of close of business yesterday which reflects a negative balance of $1,018,504.03. I know that y'all are in the middle of an audit but this type of activity on your accounts cannot continue.

Shane has done a tremendous job of collecting deposits and keeping me abreast of all developments (including multiple phone calls and emails daily) but even with his efforts the account still has a negative balance of close to $200K and this does not include the other overdrawn accounts. We truly value this relationship but when a customer has multiple accounts that are at the top of the overdrawn list, it is very difficult to continue to extend credit to a customer.”

Reagor replied an hour later, to Cecil and Steinmetz, according to Reagor-Dykes' new filing:

“I don’t want any red flags ever!!!!!!!! We are doing to good to ever have any red
flags! Toby please call me personally if there is ever a concern immediately!!!!!!!!
I called Toby and he told me he sent the email to make sure I was in the loop. Going
forward we agreed to make sure that we don’t ever let this situation develop again.”


Move ahead to March 17, 2017, Smith wrote that Cecil had "[l]ots of plates spinning.” Cecil responded to Smith’s email by noting: “I don’t know how you keep them [the plates] all spinning : )”

Again, all of the many claims laid out above are from Reagor-Dykes' bankruptcy attorneys. 


Vista Bank's response

The Bustos Law Firm, representing Vista Bank, said the above actions by Reagor-Dykes are "akin to a thief robbing someone, getting caught, pleading guilty to the felony, then suing the victim to pay for it all".

Here is Vista's full response:

After over a year and a half in bankruptcy, three failed attempts to reorganize, and racking up over $5 million in unpaid legal fees for the Chief Restructuring Officer and his lawyers, today they filed a complaint in a last ditch attempt to shake down Vista Bank for money before their upcoming February 12, 2020 bankruptcy hearing where they face potential forced liquidation.

As conclusively established by the twelve (12) criminal felony guilty pleas (with more surely to come) in addition to the overwhelming record of the pending criminal, bankruptcy and litigation proceedings involving the Debtors:

- The Debtors and their insiders perpetrated the frauds causing the Debtors’
insolvency and bankruptcy resulting in harm to Vista Bank as well as the Debtors’ other third-party creditors; and
- As detailed in its filed proofs of claim, Vista Bank suffered at least $13 million in damages as a direct result of this confessed fraud.
- Mr. Steinmetz paid over $120,000 in lease/buyout payments for the noted vehicles. Even if that was a ‘good deal,’ West Texans have too much common sense to believe Mr. Steinmetz would have sold his bank out to the tune of millions of dollars in order to save a few thousand on a couple of cars.
- Not a single bank or banker has been implicated in any of the RDAG guilty pleas.

For the CRO’s legal counsel to file this complaint is akin to a thief robbing someone, getting caught, pleading guilty to the felony, and then suing the victim to pay for it all.

Vista Bank refuses to be extorted by the criminals who ran Reagor-Dykes. For that reason, last month Vista Bank sued RDAG to preemptively defeat its frivolous claims. Attached is a copy of Vista Bank’s lawsuit.


Here is part of Reagor-Dykes Wednesday court filing:


Here is part of Vista Bank's filing on the matter from December 2019:




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AUG. 17: Auto dealer claims Reagor-Dykes owes $513,000, vehicles may be in consumers' possession
AUG. 16: Vista Bank sues FirstCapital for $6 million, claims Dykes helped perpetrate check kiting scheme
AUG. 16: Bankruptcy court allows Reagor-Dykes continued use of cash collateral, hiring of CRO
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AUG. 14: Loss of Reagor-Dykes Chevrolet in Floydada a potential financial pitfall for city
AUG. 14: Vehicle auction company claims Reagor-Dykes owes it $687,000
AUG. 14: Ford Credit claims Reagor-Dykes is not following court orders; court grants extension to file docs
AUG. 13: U.S. Trustee opposes Reagor-Dykes request to hire chief restructuring officer
AUG. 10: Ford Credit: Reagor-Dykes fraud may be among largest of its type in U.S. history; GM files to terminate Floydada dealership
AUG. 9: Reagor-Dykes questions former CFO’s actions; Contractor claims $700,000 due now
AUG. 7: Former Reagor-Dykes employees claim they were not paid
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INITIAL STORY: Ford Motor Credit sues Reagor-Dykes; R-D files for chapter 11 bankruptcy


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