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A Double T 97-3 Thanksgiving

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Turkey Dinner Turkey Dinner

As you sit down to watch the Cowboys game and have a big meal with family and friends, someone will stand up and say, "We should all say what we are thankful for this year."  It even happens at our place.  This is kind of how it goes.


Jamie stands at the head of the table.  Knife and fork in hand to carve the bird.  Chuck is sitting at the other end of the table thinking it is the head and saying that he could carve a better turkey than anyone here.  We have to separate Rob and Chois because they were fighting about if the rolls were on the left or the right.  Casey spent most of the time working on beverages while Sparkman gives us the facts of the 14th Thanksgiving.  Logsdon and Marissa are telling jokes while Aaron is just wanting everyone to sit down so we can eat.  Level looks up from the phone long enough to to find his seat and Jeff says the one thing we are all dreading.

Jeff: We should all go around the table and and say what we are thankful for in the sports world.

Chuck Heinz: Thankful for the Final Four run. It was great watching how happy the town was for that March run. I wish they're had been one more stop or made shot at the end.  Thankful for our passionate listeners who give us their opinions one way or the other every day.  Thankful for our passionate customers who promote their businesses on our air and our listeners who respond and support those businesses.  Thankful for our team at Double T 97 3 and 100.7 The Score. I'd put these guys up against anyone, anywhere!

Jamie Lent: This Thanksgiving I again am thankful for plenty of things from the world of sports. I'll start with the 2019 Spring semester for Texas Tech Sports. Men's Basketball, Track, Baseball, Golf, Tennis....take your pick. It was an awesome few months that hopefully all Red Raiders will never forget. Second....I want to thank Major League Baseball for giving me some hope that they are going to clean up this sign stealing issue. Its a really bad look for the league and especially for the Astros. Let's hope they get it fixed asap. And finally I'm thankful for the great sport of tennis. Without it, I'm not sure what I would do will my free time. LOL. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Jeff McGuire: I am thankful for the new ballpark in Arlington. The old girl was great. Not really a bad seat in the house on a cool April or September day. However, those 110 degree days in July in the left field seats got a lot warm. It really was the only complaint from fans for a beautiful place to watch a game. The new park will have a roof, and the best thing in Texas, air conditioning. The Views we have gotten from the Rangers have been breathtaking. It will be packed the first year as everyone goes to go see it. I can't wait for my first game next season. I might even wait until July just to make it that much better.  

Rob Verby: I am thankful for the rest of my life, that the St. Louis Blues won The Stanley Cup and I am also thankful for Tech basketball advancing to the Final Four.  From the bottom of my heart, Thanks!

Chois Woodman: I am thankful that I got to see my Red Raider basketball team in person at the National Championship game in 2019. It's an experience I will never forget. I am thankful for the new football coaching staff providing plenty of radio content throughout the season.

Jake Archer: I am thankful Luka Doncic and Donnie Nelson. Thank you for making my team relevant and fun again... and for beating up on Chois' Spurs and the dirty Rockets. That is all.

Zach Sparkman: I am thankful for Spring sports to serve as a beacon of hope leading up to what turned out to be another disappointing football season both Tech and Cowboys. I’m thankful for National Championships and historic runs to almost championships. I’m thankful individual success from the likes of Pat Mahomes Jarrett Culver and Josh Jung. Lastly, I’m thankful for the downfall of the Golden State Warriors and renewed parity in the NBA.

Marissa Crawley: I am thankful for the hot start the Phoenix Suns have gotten off to this year especially since they are without big man, Deandre Ayton. They are sitting at 8-8 at this moment and they have only lost badly to a handful of the teams. I am hopeful that WE will not be last in the Western Conference like last year. I am also thankful for their jersey color scheme and for having the most realistic mascot, the Gorilla. i!Viva Los Suns!

Aaron Dickens: I am most thankful for NASCAR's re-tooled Cup Series schedule which will feature a Mother's Day race at Martinsville Speedway, a double-header at Pocono Raceway in June and a Round of 16 with Darlington Raceway, Richmond Raceway and Bristol Motor Speedway. It shows that NASCAR is willing to try new things, and I couldn't be more excited about taking in all the exciting action.

Chris Level: I'm thankful for sellout crowds in the non-conference, for Jahmius Ramsey, for Luka, for Sarodrick, for a bigger Rangers budget in 2020, for Dak, for the grad transfer market and for a loaded Tech baseball schedule. Hope everyone has a great holiday this week and is able to enjoy some quality family time.

Luke Lyles: I’m real thankful for the Mavs. They are ballin out this year. We are finally a must watch team and Luka Doncic is everything we hoped he would be. 

Garrett Luft:  I'm thankful that I got to watch my alma mater pay for a national championship in basketball. It still doesn't feel real in many ways, but that team deserved every second of it.  I'm thankful Tech made it to Omaha for the fourth time and won a couple of ballgames for the first time ever.  I'm thankful a good man like Wes Kittley was able to achieve an incredible feat that brought Lubbock a national championship.  I'm thankful I have been able to watch all three of my kids compete and have fun in various sports and learn a lot from their experiences in each.

Brogan Stewart: As 2019 is in the process of ending I am thankful that I had the opportunity to see Texas Tech have the success it saw in men’s basketball this past season. I always have heard the stories of the 1992-93 Lady Raider run to win the National Championship, but I never thought I would be able to see a run like that for myself.

Kerrt Harrmon: I am thankful for Texas Tech basketball.  I am thankful for a balanced NBA.  I am thankful Texas is not back.

From our family at Double T 97-3 and 100.7 The Score to yours, Happy Thanksgiving.


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