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Saving resources this season through recycling

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When you're done with your Thanksgiving meal, it's time to clean up. One of the many ways you can help save resources this season is by reducing. 

"It takes less raw material, so you're choosing to buy less, you're choosing smarter products with less waste," Solid Waste Services Recycling Supervisor, Morgan Ercanbrack said.

You can also reuse.

"So maybe regular dishes set your table nicely, you don't have to have those plastic forks and napkins," Ercanbrack said.

Or you can recycle.

"That's going to be taking those aluminum cans and turning them into new cans, or water bottles and turning them into like polyester fluff," Ercanbrack said.

The recycling center won't accept dirty items. These are things like napkins, plates, foil and pie pans. You also can't take styrofoam, tubs and butter dishes, light bulbs, glass, or plastic bags. 

"So when those plastics go to get processed, those bags can bind around equipment and then they'll have to be hand cut out and again it takes a lot of time and then it's money because the equipment is down," Ercanbrack said.

If you fry your turkey this Thanksgiving, and have more than a liter of grease, drop it off.

"Put it in a sealable container once it's cool and take it to our site," Ercanbrack said.

There are seven bins at each location that holds different recyclable items. It's important to "recycle right."

"If you don't know where it goes, just edge on precaution and just throw it in your regular trash," Ercanbrack said.

If you don't usually recycle, pick one item and start there.

"Start saving them and you'll be amazed at how quickly that starts piling up and how much you're really saving out of your regular waste train," Ercanbrack said. 

The locations are:

1631 84th Street, 208 Municipal Drive, 7308 Milwaukee Avenue, 4307 Adrian Street, 2630 Parkway Drive, 4425 19th Street, 3405 50th Street, 8010 Frankford Avenue, 2901 Elgin Avenue, 6302 11th Place.

For more information:


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