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Doing Good in the Neighborhood: Salvation Army efforts, good deeds year-round

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

During the holiday season, it's common to see Salvation Army bell ringers out collecting donations. The Army's efforts, though, are a year-round project. 

"That partnership that we share with the community is the key to changing lives and providing hope and rescue to those in need," said Major David Worthy of the Lubbock Salvation Army. 

Worthy told FOX 34 the mission of the Salvation Army is to be a place to turn for people going through crisis.

"That comes in any number of forms, you know, through sheltering, through housing, through rental assistance, through food, provision of food, clothing, and what have you. So, when people are experiencing crisis in their lives, the Salvation Army exists to reach in to those lives to help them," Worthy said. 

When someone turns to the Army looking for a change in their lives, a few things go into creating a plan for success. Worthy said the first goal is to determine what barriers exist. That can include needing food or shelter. It could also be something that takes some training, like needing to get a GED. Once the need or needs are evaluated, the person will work with a case manager to map out a strategy for how to get back on track.

When fall and winter come and the cold hits, the Salvation Army uses it as an opportunity to do what they do best - identify a need, and come up with a solution.

The Army's cold patrol looks for people without shelter on freezing nights, and offers a ride to shelter with warmth and food. Major Worthy said if all a person wants do is get through the night, and not take any other services, they understand that.

"The ultimate goal is to get them stable so they can return to a life of stability," he said. 

The winter also serves as a chance to help people enjoy the holidays who may not otherwise be able to. One of the ways is through the Angel Tree Program. Families can apply for their children to be "angels," then people can pick up gifts for them that the family cant afford. 

"Over the last couple of months we've had 400 families representing about 15 to 16 hundred children come in to apply for Christmas assistance," he said. "These are families who are trying to make ends meet but just need a little bit of extra assistance so that they can provide Christmas for their children."

The Salvation Army will also be providing Thanksgiving dinner to hundreds of people in our area.

If you would like to donate to the Salvation Army, or adopt an angel from the angel tree, visit the Lubbock Salvation Army's website here.




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