Please don't arrest or sue him

Please don't arrest or sue him

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Myles Garrett and Mason Rodulph Myles Garrett and Mason Rodulph

Thursday night football in the NFL saw two team play until there were 8 seconds left in the game. Cleveland was up 21-7 over the Steelers. These two teams have never liked each other. Is that an excuse for what happened next, don't even think that. What happened next if you have not seen it yet, click below.

Myles Garrett has already been suspended for the rest of the year. That suspension could go into next season. Larry Ogunjobbi was hit with a one game ban for his shove of Mason Rudolph. Maurkice Pouncey got a three game for his part in the fight. I am sure that money will be leaving their pockets too if it has not already. This is going to hurt all of them involved, as it should.

Before I break down why I don't think this should go to court, I completely understand why you do. I completely get why Rudolph has a case, and could in fact sue him for all he is worth. If he wants to do so, no one should stop him. I agree that the city of Cleveland could charge Garrett with assault with a deadly weapon, or any of a hundred other charges. If the DA there want to make that case in front of a jury of his pears, he is free to do so. I understand why they would all want that to happen, and support them in their endeavors.

Please don't take it that far. By definition there is assault on every single play in the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL. Don't even get me started with Boxing or the MMA. The Texas penal code 22.01 states that assault is "intentionally or knowingly causes physical contact with another when the person knows or should reasonably believe that the other will regard the contact as offensive or provocative." You think an offensive lineman in the NFL wants the defensive end to run into him? Do you think Tim Duncan or Dirk Nowitzki ever wanted to be touched in the paint? How should Adrian Beltre Michael Young or Jose Altuve feel about a baseball being thrown at them with nothing but a stick to defend themselves.

This argument works both ways, I am sure that Demarcus Ware when he was playing for the Cowboys did not want the offensive lineman holding him back from a quarterback or running back behind the line. Chris Beards basketball team sure enjoys taking charges and attacking the lane. You can't hit 477 home runs if the pitcher does not throw the ball. Justin Verlander and Colby Lewis would not hold special places in the fans heart if all they did was stand in a field holding a baseball in the hands. Now all of what I just mentioned is "part of the sport" and I know that. It is also all when not in sports assault.

What happened Thursday night was most certainly not in sports. It was way outside the line of what should be considered competition. But where does that end?

Can a running back sue a linebacker because he was hit out of bounds and had his knee twisted? Can a outfielder be arrested for leaping into the stands to catch a foul ball after he lands on a fan? If a basketball player blocks a shot into the crowd, should he be looking for the cops after the game to be arrested for hitting a fan with the ball? Can a dad of a little league player sue the team of the kid that hit a ball into his windshield? Spectators at a golf tournament in the PGA are in danger for their lives from a ball the size of a quarter falling from the sky at up to a hundred miles an hour. Do we need to wear helmets at Augusta? Should the Earnhardt family have sued NASCAR for killing the "The Intimidator" at one of their biggest races of the year?

All of those people have a case too. None of that is in the rules.

Suspend the players and coaches. Fine them until kingdom come. Ban them from even looking up score of the sport they are no longer a part of forever. But please don't make a court decide what happens next. I don't like what happens next if this goes to court. The unintended consequences scare the living crud out of me. There would be no safe sport, and I personally don't want a world without them.

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