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The 30-year anniversary of the Berlin Wall's fall

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It has been 30 years since one of the landmark achievements in international history: The tearing down of the Berlin Wall. 

First-hand witness, Houston defense attorney Edward Mallett, said when the wall fell, so did the Cold War. 

"Well, what's going through my mind is that communism has lost. We we were hopeful that instead of nuclear war, we somehow would have a greater degree of peace in the coming years," Mallett said.

Mallett said there was an announcement made at midnight, and the deafening excitement turned into utter pandemonium.

He said the officers at the wall had no instructions or plan to control the situation.

"The people that heard the announcement on television and radio crashed the barriers. Checkpoint Alpha, Bravo, and the famous checkpoint Charlie, people started climbing cars and climbing on the 10-foot fence," Mallett said.

Three decades later, the famous words, "Tear down this wall," from President Reagan still stand as an international symbol of peace and democracy.

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