Lime scooters offer convenience, raise safety concerns

Lime scooters offer convenience, raise safety concerns

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

They made their way onto Texas Tech's campus last fall, and since then, Lime scooters have become the go-to method of transportation for many students.

Others are also raising some concerns about how they're being used.

"It provides a really fast, and easy and convenient way to get to class if people don't have a bike," Meg Schmitz, a Tech student, said.

But for others, they are a safety hazard.

"I've had four friends who've nearly died, like they've gone to the hospital because they've gotten in wrecks using Limes," Autumn Bookhamer, a Tech student, said.

Stacy Stockard, with Tech's Transportation and Parking Services, said her department fields these reports. She said it's priority is to keep every student safe.

The rules for riding these scooters are the same as riding bikes.

"If there's a bike lane, you'll use the bike lane, if there's not, you'll choose between riding in the street in the lane of traffic, in which Texas, you're considered a vehicle," Stockard said.

Off campus, Lubbock police report most injuries are from falls. 

Capt. Ray Mendoza said when riding one out in the city, stay on the sidewalks.

"If you're going to be on the sidewalk, then you need to use extra caution, because pedestrians do use those, and often times, there's people that are wearing headphones or maybe not paying attention, expecting a Lime scooter to come across and could cause a collision," Mendoza said.

Current ordinance prohibits riding a scooter on any road with a speed limit above 35 mph, unless there is a bike lane. Mendoza also said make sure scooters are not left lying or sitting around where they block sidewalks.

Stockard said scooters need to be placed in their designated parking places.

"We want to make sure that not only are they not obstructing those areas, but that also if you come to a location and want to find one of those scooters or bikes to use, you'll know exactly where to find them," Stockard said.

Stockard advised everyone riding the scooters to be aware of their surroundings and learn the rules when on the roads and sidewalks, for the rider's safety and others around them.

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