Fighting Allergy Season: What you need to know about the fall co

Fighting Allergy Season: What you need to know about the fall conditions

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

With the fall season in full gear, allergies are running rampant across the nation, especially in West Texas.

Covenant allergen specialist Goutam Shome said a big reason why West Texas is no stranger to this: Cotton ginning season. 

"If somebody is predisposed to having allergy conditions of if they already established allergies and asthma, this can really compound the problem. They will have more suffering, particularly when you're already talking about a high pollen season," Shome said.

Whether it's breathing in the air outside, or cleaning her dryer filters indoors, Lubbock resident Zeta Ray said she is highly allergic to cotton lent, and that her symptoms can go into February.

"I'll have an asthma attack, breathing in the cotton lent for instance. Sneezing, watering eyes, nasal drip, and those sort of things. That's what affects me. If things get really bad, my throat swells up, and some different symptoms like that," Ray said.

For Ray, she said it's almost impossible to completely avoid these symptoms, but she added the best alleviator is allergy medicine.

Shome said this is indeed the best way to attack the conditions. 

"What you can do is to maximize medical management. In other words, if you're already on medicine, make sure to take that medicine on a regular basis. Most of the allergy medicine is now available over the counter, and your primary care will also provide those medications," Shome said.

At the same time, he said he advises anyone with symptoms to keep taking allergy medicine, even when the fall is over, especially with the West Texas climate. 

"With that kind of temperature fluctuation, many of the seasonal allergens become a perennial problem for us, meaning they're presented year-round and it's a trouble for us," Shome said.

Shome said allergies do not discriminate, and depending on your symptoms, a solution outside of traditional medicine could be allergen or steroid shots provided by your physician .

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