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Halloween safety reminders

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Dr. Kristy Bybee, a pediatric ER physician at Covenant Children's said having lights or reflective strips on your kids, especially after dark, can help save their lives. 

"We like them to wear glow sticks, so I make my kids wear it as a necklace around their neck so then it's more visible and then reflective. You can put reflective strips on their costumes, you can glue them on, tape them on, or reflective bracelets, wear them up high though if they're on their wrists they don't really get seen," Dr. Bybee said.

Some other things to keep in mind is if your children are younger than 12, stay with them. Teens without parents should stay in groups. While you're driving, be aware of children crossing the street. If you're walking, stay on the sidewalks and cross at the intersections. When you're done trick-or-treating, check candy and wrappers to make sure it hasn't been tampered with and keep in mind children with food allergies. 

"You can have a pumpkin on your porch that's painted teal and it just signifies that you have non allergy friendly items. What we use at our house is stickers, little toys, things like that so it's no food at all and we also have candy for the kids that can have candy, but that way those kids can participate and feel involved and still have fun with everybody else," Dr. Bybee said. 

With the very low expected temperatures, bundle up especially after dark when it's even colder. Dr. Bybee said the most important things to keep warm are heads and ears, toes and hands. Bodies usually stay pretty warm. If you're child doesn't want to cover up their costume, layer under.

"So the biggest thing is layers. Running and things like that you get a little bit warm, so if you have something you can take off and then make sure they have hats, gloves, socks, cute little girl costumes often have sandals and things like that, make sure their feet are covered," Dr. Bybee said. 

Dr. Bybee said some treats can be choking hazards for younger children.

"Children four and under shouldn't have popcorn, nuts, and then hard sticky candy like caramels, jolly ranchers, life savers, those kinds of things because we don't want them to choke," Dr. Bybee said. 

Stay warm, stay safe and have fun.


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