Clovis Fire trains in danger zone situation

Clovis Fire trains in danger zone situation

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 LUBBOCK, Texas - The Federal Aviation Administration requires fire stations that are Airport Rescue and Firefigthting Certified to do a burn once a year. 

"I kind of think of it as our family on there and what would you do if that was your wife or kids on there. I've got two little boys and if they were on there, I would do anything to get them off. You can't really put it into words of that feeling other than do what it takes," Clovis firefighter Nikko Hayes said. 

The Clovis Fire Department came to Lubbock to train in a fossil fuel burning simulation. It's one of only four left in the country. Lubbock Fire Rescue District Chief, Steve Holland said this gives the crews a more realistic feel for what could actually happen. 

"This gives the guys kind of a unique, an opportunity to fight a fire and it's going to behave the way that the fuel in a plane crash would react," District Chief Holland said.

One of the exercises is leaving the station and spraying water in less than three minutes to save as many lives as possible. 

"Main objective is to make a pathway so that anybody that can get off of the plane has a safe way to get off the plane and away from the danger zone while they're trying to put the rest of the plane out," District Chief Holland said. 

Hayes compares the experience to a video game. 

"It's just real slow reacting, so in a video game you press a button and normally it happens like that. Here you press a button and it takes at least two seconds so by the time you're trying to get water over here, the water's not there yet, so you've got to just calm down and relax. As you can tell, I'm a little pumped up still," Hayes said. 

Clovis Captain Johnnie Gibson, said having this opportunity helps make his guys more well rounded. 

"It's just a different experience. We're normally structure firefighters that deal with any other part we can do and this just gives us a different piece of equipment to operate and a different style of fire," Captain Gibson said. 

Lubbock holds these exercises frequently. It's already trained Amarillo and Midland. Hobbs is scheduled next. 

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