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The "Where's the rings" debate is foolish

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by Andrew Parker

On Sunday, something happened that the sports world has begun to take for granted on the fact that it seems to happen every single week. Patrick Mahomes broke yet another record, this time being the most 300 yard passing games through the first 20 games of his career, with 13. Shortly afterwards I proceeded to scroll through Twitter and browse all of the congratulatory tweets that I was sure to find. However, a tweet caught my eye that almost immediately warranted an eye-roll. The tweet simply said "Where's his rings though?"

Allow me to put things in perspective for you. Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs, probably the most talented, generational athlete within the crop of new-age gunslingers, has only started 20 games and people are already holding it against him that he doesn't have a Super Bowl ring? If it wasn't for the flawed NFL overtime rules, and the fact that Tom Brady went through the Chiefs defense with an exacto knife, he very well might have earned a ring is his first full season. Not to mention, he is one of the heavy favorites to represent the AFC in this years Super Bowl. If the only comeback you have against the greatness that is Patrick Mahomes is "Where's his rings though.", I'd say he's doing pretty well.

I'm a firm believer that Super Bowl rings should not be the cut and dry determination of greatness. Take Tony Romo for example. For most of my childhood and early adult life I grew up watching him play. He is to me what Troy Aikman is to my dad. The first quarterback that we truly attached ourselves to. As many people as there are that moan when the name Romo is mentioned, there are just as many people who praise his name and remember the numerous dramatic fourth quarter comebacks. Sure, Romo only has six playoff wins to show for through-out his 14-year Cowboy career (that part I can't deny), but there are countless other games where he fought through injury, put the team on his back (sometimes quite literally), and fought like hell to still come up just short. Still, in my mind, Tony Romo goes down as one of the great Cowboys to ever play.

This isn't meant to be a Tony Romo sap story. This is meant to convey the fact that there are countless NFL athletes whose names ring out through the hallowed halls of their respected franchises, that never won a Super Bowl. If Mahomes shatters every record in the books and never wins the big one, I (as well as many others) will still consider him a great. As for the haters, just wait, my money is on Mahomes.

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