Father, Husband, Cop: Family Helps Sgt. Seeley Continue to Serve

Father, Husband, Cop: Family Helps Sgt. Seeley Continue to Serve

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Behind nearly every uniform is a family officers hope to come home to at the end of the day.

"It is scary because he could walk out the door and never come back," Chloe Seeley, Sergeant Tim Seeley's daughter said. 

Sergeant Tim Seeley has been with the force for twenty years. His wife, Christy, has been there from the beginning. 

"It takes two to raise a family, so there are sacrifices I made in my career to get my family where they needed to be, but at the same time they made alot of sacrifices for me to get where I'm at," Sergeant Seeley said. 

While Sergeant Seeley is on the major crash beat, Christy holds the fort down.

"I feel like without my mom there, it would have been a lot harder than it was," Chloe said.

"I was the disciplinarian, he was the cool dad," Christy Seeley, Seargant Tim Seeley's wife said. 

When Sergeant Seeley gets called out, he has to go. Therefore, he misses his kids sporting events and watching them open presents on Christmas morning.

"They've kind of sat in the back seat per se," Christy said, "They'll be there as soon as they possibly can, they'll be at the next one, but it doesn't mean that when those kids are looking up in the stands or looking on the sidelines and they don't see but one parent that they're not disappointed."

Sergeant Seeley said his family and his faith drive him to protect and serve. 

"You've got to have a sounding board when you do come home, I mean I try my best not to bring my job home, however it's nice for them to understand he's had a rough day and we can actually talk about it, but it's always nice to come back to a little bit of normalcy," Sergeant Seeley said.

His decades of service has included some tough draws. Sergeant Seeley said that makes him a very protective dad. 

"He sees more bad things than most people should and he tries to protect all of us from ever having to go through that or seeing it or anything, so I understand why he sets the rules he does, he's just being a dad, but he's also a dad that's a police officer, so there are a little more rules," Chloe said.

His hope is his children have learned an important life lesson.

"Don't follow behind someone because that's the cool thing to do, jump out in front, be the leader, and do the right thing," Sergeant Seeley said. 

Christy and Chloe said Sergeant Seeley's outreach is one of their favorite parts, praising him for setting a good example. Chloe said simple stopping and talking to other kids inspires them to be police officers.

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