Bike theft top reported crime on Texas Tech campus

Bike theft top reported crime on Texas Tech campus

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Bike theft is the number one reported crime on Texas Tech's campus, and police say there is more to preventing this than just using bike locks.

"Here at Tech, we do have bike thefts that occur on campus, and it's our number one crime in theft," Lt. Amy Ivey, with Texas Tech PD, said.

So far this year, Ivey said there have been 108 reported bicycles reported stolen. Last year, there 155, and those are just the ones reported.

"A lot of the students will buy what we call a cable lock, so it's those little cables that you can wrap around the tire, or the bike frame," Ivey said, "and those are real easy to cut with bolt cutters. A lot of our thefts on campus with bikes happen when an individual comes on campus with a pair of bolt cutters, cuts the cable lock and takes their bike."

Ivey said the department instead recommends a "U"-lock. These solid metal loops can be attached on the bike's frame, to the bike rack.

Stolen bikes are sometimes recovered on campus, Ivey said. One has even been found out of state. She said registering the bike with the university can make a big difference.

"We highly recommend that the students register their bicycles with Transportation and Parking," Ivey said. "You can go onto their website and register the bicycle with the serial number, the make and that way if they do report it stolen, we can get that serial number and run it through our database to see if it has been pawned at a pawn shop, or if it does turn up on campus, maybe with a different lock, it's easier for us to prove that it's their bike."

In addition, she said if students are on campus, they should check their bikes every once in a while, such as in between classes. Students who think they're bikes


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