EPA repeals Waters of the U.S. rule rescinding Obama era Clean W - FOX34 Lubbock

EPA repeals Waters of the U.S. rule rescinding Obama era Clean Water Act

LUBBOCK, Texas -

The Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA) has repealed the Waters of the United States or (WOTUS) rule. It was a policy expanding what kinds of water-ways fall under federal protections and the 'Clean Water Act'. It rescinds an Obama era rule protecting bodies of water large and small. 

Texas senators Cornyn and Cruz praised the EPA and U.S. Army's announcement indicating the repeal eliminates the inconsistent regulations. They claim it overburdened farmers, ranchers, and landowners which in turn led to battles in court.

"What is important to know is that the statute has not been repealed you know it is still in place," said Venkatesh Uddameri, director of Texas Tech's Water Resources Center. "The federal regulations are still in place, what is at stake is who has jurisdiction in terms of overseen that regulation."

This rollback doesn't necessarily benefit or affect any specific sector, it essentially takes power from the federal government and gives it to the states.

The Trump administration rule is expected to cover fewer waterways than the current one and weaken existing protections. Environmentalists argue the new rule will lead to more pollution especially in these smaller bodies of water that will no longer have protection. The new EPA rule's expected before the end of the year.






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