Lubbock CISM team returns from assisting El Paso first responder - FOX34 Lubbock

Lubbock CISM team returns from assisting El Paso first responders with crisis intervention services

LUBBOCK, Texas -

Tragedies like the mass shooting in El Paso can weigh heavily on the hearts of those who answer the call. Lubbock's 'Critical Incident Stress Management Team' has returned from the borderland where it focused on helping first responders cope with the trauma. According to police, a killer stormed through the front entrance and started shooting targeting Mexican people.

"We have never gone to anything like this before, so we kind of didn't know what we were going to get into," said Lubbock Fire & Rescue Lt. Matt McGinnis. "We just knew we were going to show up and do what we do and hopefully talk to first responders."

LPD Sergeant Sharon Casey, adds that at the end of the day first responders are also humans and need time and space to vent and that is what they were there for, be a shoulder to cry on or a listening ear.

"Doing the job is the easy part for us, it's when you have to come down from it," said Sgt. Casey. "And look at it from the outside that the effects of that situation start to have those effects on you."

Lubbock's CISM team suggest that it will take weeks or months for first responders to go through the healing process. Other CISM teams from across Texas are still there picking up where Lubbock left off to help return some sense of normalcy in the line of duty.









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