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Rep. Burrows denies wrongdoing, asks for recording to be released

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

"I kept thinking the tapes would come out. Let me make sure that everyone is clear: Release the tapes. Release them in their entirety and release them immediately. I have called on that to happen. I join the governor, lieutenant governor, speaker of the house, and probably most of my colleagues in saying that there's been so much to do about this -- let people hear it for themselves," Lubbock GOP Rep. Dustin Burrows said

In late July, conservative activist Michael Quinn Sullivan accused Rep. Burrows, and House Speaker Dennis Bonnen, of offering him a quid pro quo. 

Sullivan alleged the offer included: Giving his advocacy group media access for next session, in exchange for his group targeting a list of ten incumbent House republicans, who voted against conservative-backed bills. 

Sullivan later disclosed he made a secret recording of this meeting, but Rep. Burrows said he denies any wrongdoing. 

"I think discussions of who have voted for and against bills and issues that are important to different advocacy groups happen daily in the Texas Capitol," Rep Burrows said.

Rep. Burrows resigned as chairman of the House Republican caucus shortly after these accusations, but he said it was not due to pressure from these tapes.

He said he also denies targeting anyone in his party, adding the stakes are too high for needless friendly fire. 

"There's not a single Republican that you're going to see me criticize or do anything against. Keeping the House is of primary importance. We're heading into a redistricting year. It is so important we have republicans at the helm for the next decade," Rep. Burrows said.

He first addressed this on Chad Hasty's KFYO radio show last week. 

Afterwards, Sullivan tweeted that Rep. Burrows came ready to the meeting with a target list, and that the tapes will confirm this, saying he was "Nixonian in denials."

Rep. Burrows said he remembered a saying from his father when he saw these tweets. 

"You know, always fight up, never fight down. Never wrestle with a pig because you both get dirty and the pig likes it. I'm not going to respond to everything Mr. Sullivan tweets," Rep. Burrows said.

Looking back on how everything played out, Rep. Burrows said he does acknowledge some regrets. 

"Clearly, I would much rather be talking about school finance, talking about teacher pay raises, talking about property taxes and making sure people pay less, talking about school veterinarian medicine and the challenges we have ahead -- things that I think most people in West Texas, over the time I've had the privilege of representing, care about. To the extent that I could change anything so I can talk about those issues, I would certainly prefer to be doing that," Rep. Burrows said. 

Rep. Burrows announced his re-election campaign last week with an endorsement from Gov. Abbott. 

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