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Eppler: "Rocketman," one of the summer's best, ready to take home

New movies out for rent this week include "Rocketman," "The Secret Life of Pets 2" and "Godzilla: King of the Monsters." 

Pick of the Week: "Rocketman"

Within the first few minutes of "Rocketman," it's clear this is no typical rock biopic. It's lavish, over-the-top, and rarely understated and always entertaining - like Elton John. 
While some of the details of Elton John's personal story follow the typical trajectory of an enormous talent rising to fame and battling personal demons, "Rocketman" is a fresh take - a musical fantasy less interested in chronicling the artist's career and more taken with who he is. 
There are nearly two dozen songs - barely scratching the surface of Elton's remarkable career. They're not deployed chronologically in the movie, but instead when they suit the mood of the scene. They play as concert performances, Broadway-style song and dance numbers and intimate private soliloquies. 
The movie looks ready-made for the Broadway stage, and it's hard to imagine Elton John's story being told any other way. Likewise, Taron Egerton makes a strong case that no one else should have played the lead role. Doing his own singing, he captures the flamboyancy and passion with the aching heart underneath. 
Elton John himself was heavily involved as Executive Producer, which is why the movie feels very selective about certain things like quickly brushing over his sham first marriage. But it still feels intimate while providing plenty of spectacle.
If you're an Elton John fan, you can tell everybody - this is your movie. 
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