Lubbock County fends off cyber attack after being one of many ta - FOX34 Lubbock

Lubbock County fends off cyber attack after being one of many targets

LUBBOCK, Texas -

22 cities in Texas are recovering from some form of cyber-attack. Hackers tried to hold their systems hostage for a ransom. If governments did not pay up, the software would destroy that data or the computer itself. The state department calls them ransomware assaults. Lubbock County was one of their targets.

 "Our IT department was right on top of it," said Lubbock County judge Curtis Parrish. "They were able to get that virus isolated, contained, and dealt with in a very quick manner so it did not affect any other computers or any other computer systems here in Lubbock county."

Sam Segran, vice president of IT at Texas Tech, said these kinds of attacks are well coordinated and planned out, criminals do their research, encrypting files and accessing online accounts by any means possible.

"If somebody has a feature known as remote desktop, turn on the computer and it is not protected they can get into your system," said Segran. "If you put a USB key that is already infected the USB drive they can infect your system, but the most common way is really the fishing schemes that people see."

Segran stresses the importance of protecting all aspects of your computer on a network both at work and at home. The second layer is protecting your computer itself, that includes updating your passwords and backing up your files either on a cloud or on hard drives. The third layer personal protection, watch what you do online avoid e-mails from people you don't recognize and be wary of unusual links. He said do some research before becoming the next victim.





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