Churches provide no legal protection for undocumented immigrants

Churches provide no legal protection for undocumented immigrants

LUBBOCK, Texas -

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Department of Homeland Security agents are targeting 2,000 undocumented immigrants nationwide. They're accused of crimes and have been ordered to leave the country by a federal judge. There's a lot of talk on whether these immigrants can stay at churches and not be detained.

The idea of sanctuary provided by churches has been around for centuries. President Obama established a policy for DHS that set aside "sensitive locations", these are places where agents would avoid detaining or arresting people. That covers religious institutions, hospitals, and schools. Churches themselves provide no legal protection, ICE agents still has the right to go in and detain someone.

"The church itself provides no legal protection the public place of worship ICE can certainly go in and arrest that person," said immigration attorney David Strange. "Churches that say OK we are going to provide this type of assistance, they need to know very well what harboring and illegal transportation, what the parameters of those laws so they are not guilty themselves of violating federal law."

Churches are allowed to provide shelter, food as well as refer undocumented immigrants to pro-bono immigration assistance. Those are all protected under federal law, but






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