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Lamesa residents say dog attacks, strays a growing problem

LAMESA, Texas -


Just a year ago, Linda Orr said she saw two dogs attack a schoolteacher near her house.

"My dog alerted it to me. I went over there to see what it was just in time to see these two pitbull dogs attack her and her two little dogs," Orr said.

Richard Hinkle, the postmaster in Lamesa, said since he joined the office in 2016, three mail carriers have been attacked.

"Two of which have caused some serious injuries, lost work hours to my carriers," HinkIe said. "I personally have sprayed the same dog three days in a row."

Stray and wild dogs are a continuing problem in the town, they said.

"I have met several people in Lamesa whose dogs have been attacked, people have had their dogs killed, people have been bitten and sewed up," Orr said.

Orr has filed numerous complaints with police regarding stray and loose dogs around town, but she said they have fallen on deaf ears.

City Manager Shawna Burkhart said the city is doing all it can to combat the problem, but with only one animal control officer, she said it can get overwhelming.

"We are doing our very level best to address the situation," Burkhart said. "Anytime there is a dog bite case, we fully investigate that, we prosecute those through the court system, and we try our level best to address them as timely as possible."

Orr and Hinkle said they want the city to see the dangers citizens are facing. 

"Be more aware and be more proactive maybe to lessen the possibility of attacks," Hinkle said.

The two residents are banding with other citizens to set up a town hall in August. They said they hope by publicly addressing the issue, Lamesa will do more to reduce these kinds of attacks.

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