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Protecting Pets: How to keep dogs safe during fireworks on Fourth of July

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The Fourth of July is known for family, fun, and fireworks.   

However, dogs do not share that same excitement for Independence Day.

Sarah Field, owner of Four Legged Friends of Lubbock Dog Rescue, said she gets 10 to 12 calls each year on July 5 about missing dogs because of fireworks the night before. 

"Dogs get a lot of anxiety with fireworks because they're not used to the popping, the noise, the lights, and all of that, so there's many things you can do," Field said.

First and foremost, Field said it is paramount to make sure your dog is microchipped and collared.

"If you want to get your dog back, microchipping is the absolute best because if they get that collar off some way or another, every time I go on the Lost and Found Pets of Lubbock page, and if you get a hold of any rescue, the number one thing they ask is, did you have that dog microchipped," Field said.

She added there are other aids like a Thundershirt, which wraps around and essentially hugs the dog, as well as herbal supplements to relieve anxiety.

Field said the worst thing you can do is crate your dog, especially if the dog is not used to being locked in. 

"Let's try some other things that make your dog self soothe or be calm with the anxiety, instead of throwing them in a crate, locking them in and going 'okay, well you're going to be safe in there' because what actually happens is it makes it worse because they feel like they can't get away and it makes that anxiety so much worse," Field said.

If you find a lost dog this holiday weekend, Field said to scan the dog for a microchip and post information to Facebook before anything else.

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