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TSA displays prohibited items, provides safety tips

LUBBOCK, Texas -


The TSA expects it to be a busy summer.

Over Memorial Day Weekend, it screened 15 percent more passengers than last year. To make things more efficient, agents showed off what to bring and what to leave at home.

Hand grenades and firearms are things that should not be brought to the checkpoint.

So far this year, agents have seized nine firearms. If a gun is brought to the checkpoint, the TSA will contact police.

"Law enforcement makes the determination about whether or not there will be any criminal charges," Carrie Harmon, TSA spokesperson, said. "Then separately, TSA can assess a civil penalty, which is a fine. It can be very hefty."

For a loaded weapon, that can be up to $13,000. Guns can only go in checked luggage.

"You have to declare it to the airline, meaning you bring the firearm, which is unloaded in a locked, hard sided case," Harmon said. "You bring it to the airline ticket counter, they'll give you some paperwork to fill out and then it goes under the belly of the aircraft."

The two most common items surrendered at checkpoints are knives and oversized liquids, she said, such as sunscreen or shampoo. Liquids must be in containers less than 3.4 ounces to go through the checkpoint.

Knives and large tools must also go in checked baggage.

"Most of these items here can go in your checked bag," Harmon said. "We just don't want you to bring them to the checkpoint."

The more prepared passengers are, the more quickly they can get to their destinations, Harmon said.

"If you know the rules and you do these things up front, it makes it easier for our officers to get you through quickly," she said. "You can avoid a bag check, which holds you up and holds up everybody standing in line behind you."

You can tweet the TSA anytime @AskTSA. They can help answer questions if you are unsure about something. For a full list of prohibited items, click here.

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