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Mosquitoes are back, how to handle the pesky insect


There are pros and cons to the recent downpour of rain in our area. One of those cons, you most likely are experiencing now, mosquitoes.

The city health department and Vector Control want you to help manage the population.

"We realistically do not want the mosquitoes to build up to epidemic type level," Coordinator Steven Boston said.

The city and county service stays busy this time of year. Boston said the majority of the pesky bugs right now are flood water mosquitoes.

"We had a massive amount of rain and it rose up," Boston said. "We got the temperature along with that rainfall."

Boston said if you do have low-lying areas around your home, fill it in.

"Make sure that any type of container that might be holding water, that you dump that water out," Boston said.

While they are annoying, Boston said these mosquitoes do not spread diseases. But as we move closer to Summer, that could change if the population is not controlled now.

"The one thing that will help us is if we can go into a period of two to three weeks without having any additional rain," Boston said.

Boston adds they will continue to survey, monitor, and control hot spots. It is also up to the public to do their part.

"It's definitely a big plus and it's much appreciated," Boston said.

If you want to bring a certain area to Vector Control's attention, they have a hotline at 806-775-3110. For a list of resources related to mosquito-borne diseases:

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