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Lubbock ISD discusses 'run, hide, fight' method

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Run, hide, fight is not a new protocol, but it has had to be put to use on both college and high school campuses.

At the UNC Charlotte shooting last month, student Riley Howell, without the option of running or hiding, confronted the suspected gunman and took him off his feet. He was one of two victims who died, but police said his action saved lives.

Just this week, another heroic moment, when three unarmed students rushed a shooter at stem school in Colorado. Kendrick Castillo was one of them. The 18-year-old died and is now being remembered as a hero. 

While both of these young men are being honored for their sacrifice, critics wonder whether we should be teaching our kids to fight back.

At Lubbock ISD, students will not be told to run, hide or fight. Instead, when the situation calls, it is the faculty that train to intervene. 

"If the threats right on top of you, then you have no other choice," Lubbock ISD Police Chief Jodey Scifres said. "Obviously fighting is a viable option."

Scifres said since these threats are unpredictable, it is important to consider several scenarios.

"It depends on your proximity to the threat and what's happening," Scifres said. "I mean you can't have, you can't have one size fits all, you know method."

But the district has implemented as Standard Response Protocol. Director of School Safety and Security Stacy Carter said it is being followed. She said each semester the high schools undergo active shooter drills. If there were ever to be a threat, Carter said parents would be notified. 

"In the event of an active shooter, for example, the notification parents would receive is that the campus has been placed on lock down, and that we'll update them as soon as we can," Carter said.

This protocol advises students to stay out of sight and quiet until first responders say otherwise.

"With our student advisory council, their biggest questions were just knowing what to do in case of an emergency, if they weren't around an adult," Carter said.

Carter said this upcoming school year, students will have the SRP attached to their ID's. 

"So if it's better for you to leave, then we want to self-evacuate," Carter said. "But we want to give them tools in order to kinda do that."

Both Scifres and Carter are confident the district's doing everything it can to keep students safe. While two lives were sacrificed, Scifres said he believes it was their selfless nature that prompted their fights.

"You know, they lost their lives which is tragic, but they saved a lot of lives, obviously," Scifres said.

The communities in North Carolina and Colorado are memorializing their heroes. UNC Charlotte's graduation ceremonies will take place this weekend, after the shooting on the last day of class.

In October 2017, when Hollis Daniels reportedly shot Texas Tech police officer Floyd East Jr., the university sent out its "TechAlert" notifications. It did not say run or fight, but take shelter, as campus was on lockdown.

The university has indicated that has not changed since.

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