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Shaping the future: An inside look at private school curriculum

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

With constant debate about who and what should be taught in the curriculum for Texas public schools, private schools, however, have the freedom to decide. 

According to the National Center of Education, 68 percent of private school teachers said they are able to establish a full curriculum, compared to only 38 percent of public school teachers. 

Lubbock Christian President Tye Rogers said this comes down to quantity versus quality. 

"You can face a curriculum that's a mile wide and an inch deep, and teachers don't really have time to delve into content the way they need to. So there is a pressure to cover so much curriculum in a short period of time, and I think teachers feel that," Rogers said.

Recent controversy about whether to remove Hillary Clinton, some aspects of slavery, and others from public school history books is something private schools do not have to worry about.

Rogers said he would rather focus on accuracy than political bias.

"More importantly to us, we draw from multiple sources and that we not try to re-write history in a way that fits any particular slant. In other words, we don't want any of our students to take a textbook or an article written by people as absolute truth," Rogers said.

Seventy-two percent of K-through-12th grade public school teachers reported feeling pressure to teach students for a test, not necessarily the curriculum, according to data from the National Education Association.

Rogers said the only tests his students prepare for are college entrance exams.

"Our accountability is college preparation. How they are doing as they enter the college ranks, and our students are doing very well. Our accountability test is the ACT," Rogers said.

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