Lubbock Police enforce curfew to limit juvenile crimes overnight - FOX34 Lubbock

Lubbock Police enforce curfew to limit juvenile crimes overnight

LUBBOCK, Texas -

Since the new year, Lubbock Police arrested five juveniles, four adults and recovered stolen munitions from overnight car burglaries. PD confiscated four rifles, eight pistols, magazines and one suppressor, in a single house.

According to Chief Greg Stevens, juveniles are the main culprits in smash and grabs and they're looking for guns.

LPD will have four officers enforcing curfew laws, Thursday night.

"Nothing good happens after the curfew hours and it's dangerous for juveniles, for children, to be out after curfew," Chief Stevens said.

"ACE" or the Aggressive Curfew Enforcement program is similar to one used in the mid-90's. 

Former officer Floyd Price, worked when it started. He said officers picked up 80 kids the first night.

"Six weeks to three months, we completely cleaned it up," Price said. "All the gang violence, kids on the street, vandalism went to zero."

Part of the decline, according to Price, because parents were ticketed as well as kids for violating curfew. He said it held the whole household accountable.

"If they're breaking into cars, you have responsibility in that and we plan to hold you and your child responsible," Stevens agreed.

In the 90's, Price said police took violators to the curfew center on 42nd and Avenue L. He thinks law enforcement should've kept the program going, because over time it becomes a problem again.

"The only thing out late at night: criminals, police officers and running loose animals. They don't need to be out. Not only are they going to get into some criminality, someone else is going to do something to them," Price stressed.

The curfew applies to kids 16 and younger.

During school nights it's from 11 P.M. to 6 A.M. and on weekends midnight to 6 A.M.


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