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Large number of stray pets tied to owners not spaying and neutering

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Stray pets wrap up most of the resources of Lubbock Animal Services. 

"I can go just across the loop over here and find at least 15 of them out right now," said Kristi Keene, a foster parent for dogs.

Keene, Angie Skinner and Nicole Grant make it their mission to help stray dogs around town. Keene even runs a Facebook page, Lubbock Lost and Found Pets, in hopes of keeping them off the streets.

"It'll keep me up at night if I don't go and at least try to search for them if I see them online," she said.

She is currently fostering numerous dogs and recently came across a stray, Rico.

"He's diabetic, he is blind, and he's extremely emaciated," she said. "This is four pounds added to him. And then he had to go to the hospital for a while and I give him insulin twice a day and he eats special food and all of that and he has, he's just so happy and he probably thought this chance was never going to come."

While she does not know the circumstances that brought him to her, one of the biggest issues Lubbock faces when it comes to strays are owners who do not spay and neuter.

"I feel like there are three facets to spay and neuter and Angie touched on it; it's education, cost, and mentality," said Grant.

Steven Greene, the director of Lubbock Animal Services said that mentality is state wide.

"A lot of it's that Texas independence, you're not going to tell me what to do," Greene said. "My parent's never spayed and neutered so why would I have to and they just carry that mentality on."

The problem is when those pets reproduce, many turn into strays.

"If you have a dog that's breeding age and he's just out there running rampant and you have females that aren't spayed then you're naturally going to have a lot more spayed animals," he said.

There are a number of resources you can use to get your pet fixed: Spay and Neuter 806, LAS, and occasionally veterinarian clinics offer free vouchers. 

"There are resources out there," Grant said. "There aren't as many resources as their should be but there are some."

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