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After eight months, heaping piles of debris left from the Villa Town Motel are still there

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

If your commute takes you along Avenue Q in Lubbock, you cannot miss the blaring eye sore that is the pile of rusting, twisted metal left behind from the Villa Town Motel.

All that separates the public from the heaping piles of junk is a flimsy fence. 

Before going up in a blaze, the Villa Town Motel was home to a flurry of criminal activity.

The final straw for the motel came when seven people were shot on the balcony in early April. After the shooting the city condemned the property and forced residents to leave.

In Feb. 2018, Banyan Strategies, LLC bought the property. It was supposed to update the motel but that did not happen. It went up in flames on April 16th and was torn down.

Since then no clean up has been done on the property. The piles of debris sit, creating an eyesore on the community.

"Customers don't like it and it hurts business and there's nothing that we, as a public can do anything about it," said Adolfo Dominguez, one of the mangers at Copper Caboose, the neighboring restaurant.

A representative with Banyan said the company has blue prints in place to build a new extended stay motel but cannot begin cleaning up the property until the city approves permits for the new construction.

Jesica McEachern, Lubbock's Asst. City Manager said regardless of what Banyan's future plans are, the owners could start demolition immediately if they so chose.

"Demolition should be occurring no matter what," McEachern said. "At the same time as they are doing demolition they can submit plans for review for the construction of a new facility."

FOX34 contacted Banyan Strategies again after speaking to McEachern. The same representative said the McEachern was "lying" and must not be familiar with the story. She added that demolition would begin in January.

"There are so many different options here and because it is a pending legal matter I really don't want to comment as I'm not sure which route we're going to take yet," McEachern said. 

If no action is taken in the next couple months McEachern said the city will step in and clean up the mess left behind by Banyan with the bill being sent to the company. 

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