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Eppler: "Ralph" sequel delivers brand synergy goods

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The sequel "Ralph Breaks the Internet" comes along six years after the original, but at least it didn't make us wait a decade and a half (that's you, "Incredibles 2") and at least it brings something fresh instead of just telling the same story as the first movie in a different way (you again, "Incredibles 2"). 

Whereas "Wreck it Ralph" was a nostalgic look at classic and arcade games, this sequel does what good follow-ups should by taking us into new territory: the world of online gaming. This allows the screenwriters to come up with some funny gags about things like spam and pop-ups, and take jabs at different brands that obviously paid to be featured in the story. But it also feels like Disney just showing off all the stuff its bought recently - from Star Wars to Marvel. 

"Ralph Breaks the Internet" does deserve a lot of credit for developing a cast of culturally diverse characters and featuring Sarah Silverman's Vanellope as the central focus - a different kind of Disney princess. Her scenes with other Disney princesses are inspired.

It's brand synergy run amok, sure, but "Ralph Breaks the Internet" is pretty fun stuff. The next one where Ralph does stuff with all the FOX property Disney just bought should be fun, too. 



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