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Wolfforth family receives early present with firefighter son returning home from the California Wildfires

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13 thousand homes, 500 businesses, and a confirmed 81 lives, so far.

After spending the last couple of weeks saving lives in the California wildfires, one Wolfforth firefighter is coming home just in time for the holidays.

"God forbid if something happened to him, I just know that he would die doing what he loves to do," Raquel High, mother of Chase High, said. 

She said Chase's return to Wolfforth is an early present this holiday season. 

"We were under the understanding that he wasn't going to be back until December 3rd. Somehow you just find it in your heart that okay, that's just how it is. You've got to accept it. But yes, we were very ecstatic when he called and said I think we're going to get to come home," Raquel High said.

As a fellow firefighter, stepfather Henry High said his initial reaction of Chase going to California was less emotional and more about trust.

"I knew what the risks were and he knows what the risks are. With his training and with what I know of training, things can happen that you don't expect," Henry said.

Still, that did not stop Henry from worrying. 

"When I heard he was coming back, I was like good. I knew they had it contained 70 or 80 percent and I was like, well, hopefully they'll start letting them go off back to their homes, but I wasn't sure until he called," Henry said.

The one most excited for his return? Chase's grandmother. 

"She was just overwhelmed. She got really emotional because she said my whole family is going to be here," Raquel said.

Henry said the family has not been all together at the same time since Chase's grandfather died three months ago.

"It's so amazing for my mom. To see her, she's happy, you can hear it in her voice that everybody is going to be there. She's ecstatic that we're going to be there, and she's preparing and cooking," Henry said.

Raquel and Henry said Chase returned early Wednesday morning, and upon hearing the news of his return, Chase's grandmother started baking his favorite pecan pie. 

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